Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jackson the Sensitive

My son Jackson, is a sensitive one. He is very intuitive when it comes to things like, sitting in a funeral procession, talking about someone who died, creepy things like that. He always wants to know what happened to the person in the hurse, how the person died that you are talking about, etc. He also seems to be afraid of death. Of course, who wouldn't be at that age, but I mean, he wants to talk about it, but then he gets upset with worry about when he will die or when I will die.

My husband, on the other hand, some would call morbid. He thinks it is "cool" to go on websites like and see some of the disgusting pictures. He will threaten to slit your throat and watch die, sweet things like that. Now, he wouldn't hurt a fly, but he just likes to make you think he will. I think it is mostly for the shock factor and to see your reaction.

So, Jackson and Wade began having this conversation on the way home from church on Sunday.

Jackson: "Dad, do zombies really come out of the grave at night and come alive?"

Dad: "No."

Jackson: "Yeah, well, Dad, when I die and you are still alive and you come to the place where dead people are and you put your hand on my grave, I am going to reach up and grab you."

Dad: Looking at me in a surprise, scared, freaked, where did this conversation come from look and me looking back at him the same way, "Okay, Gage."

Morbid, I know.