Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friends...Words of Wisdom

There's a lot you can do to help a friend through hard times. There's also a lot you can do to make things worse.


Mattel is obviously running out of ideas

Have you seen this? What will Mattel think of next? Are they seriously running out of ideas? I mean, a dog, where you have to clean up it's poop. Blech!


Monday, October 16, 2006

The Flowers

I have run into my first mishap with planning this whole wedding/renewal shebang. I want these flowers.

My mother doesn't. Guess what, it is not her shin dig. I pained through magazines and books, websites and E-mails trying to figure out what kind of flowers I wanted. My eye kept going back to these and then I had Wade choose his top five from my stack of 100. He chose these as his number one pick also. So, my mother and I met with the potential florist yesterday and I figured out that my mom can really grate on my nerves and she wants this thing more than I do.

We pretty much do not have the same taste in anything. The florist said that the cala lilies are expensive, about $8.75 per flower and that she does not think that she can make silk ones that will match the roses. I explain that we can do more roses than cala's, that is fine with me. Well, my mother chimes in that I can put some white ones in there too and that will help with the cost. Well, that is not what I want. I personally, think that the white will not go well with all this purple and then, boom, white. I just don't like it. That pissed her off, she then began to huff and puff and blow all my excitement down.

Next thing, I was talking about the ribbon that would go around the maids' bouquets and that I would like something sparkly, because, you know, I like things that sparkle. Mom mentioned to the florist that we could get the rhinstones that go in the flowers. The florist stated that these cost about $65 for 25. I said, "Well, we don't need to get them if they are that expensive." Mom says, "If I am spending this much, $65 is not going to matter. Well, hello, I think I would want more than 25. I wouldn't want them just in my bouquet, I would want them throughout. In my opinion, it would look funny to have them only in my bouquet and nowhere else. I don't think it would flow well.

Well, I haven't even looked at cakes yet, I was trying to concentrate on the flowers and get that done first. The cake can come later. Sure I have seen them and said, "Yeah, I like that one, but I never said, "That's the one!" She starts talking to the florist about the flowers on the cake and THE KIND OF CAKE I WANT! I told her, "I haven't decided on a cake yet, I haven't even really looked!" My mom says, "You said you wanted that one in that book, you said that was the one and that was it!" Hello people, NO I DIDN'T!

I mean, come on! This is ridiculous. It is not your event mom, you don't get to make the decisions here!

Oh, and then!...the florist was asking what color I wanted in the mother's corsages, but...she wasn't looking at me and asking me...she was looking at my mother and asking my mother what color she wanted. Uh, exscuse me...don't I get a say in that? Of course my mother wants WHITE ROSES! Hello! There are not going to be white roses ANYWHERE else in that wedding. Nowhere! I chime in and say, "No, the same lavender." My mom argues, "Well, fine, but just so long as you know that you are get to have to get with EVERYBODY (seriously, how many people are going to have mother's corsages) and make sure they color coordinate their clothes with the lavender roses. Really? Is that what everyone does? Do they say, "Oh, I know that my corsage is going to be green, so I can't wear royal blue! I mean, really, whatever! She says, "Well, are you at least okay with baby's breath?" Well, no mother, I am not okay with baby's breath, I want it to look like Barney came in there and bled his purple blood all over the damn place and you know what, YOU ARE GOING TO JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!!! UGH!

Turns out that the lady is going to cost more than what they originally told us at that lovely Marlow House, so that will be more stress added. My mom is saying that she can do some of the decorations, but people, I am going to have to tell her, fine, but if that is what is going to happen, then you are going to have to go with what I want without getting pissed about it. How in the hell do people handle this crap?


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Installment of "Kid's Say the Darndest Things"

Yesterday, while riding back home from having pictures taken by Rachael, Jackson whined, "Mom, my leg is burning." "Hmmm...", I said. Dylan though, he had the answer, in a very serious, diagnostic voice, he wondered aloud, "Well, I hope that it is not because you are turning into an alien." Jackson looked very worried.

Today, while Wade was allowing Jackson to watch some kind of horribly violent movie that I would not have approved of, Jackson shreiked in disgust after some kind of monster ripped the skin from a man's chest and then crushed his skull, (that's right, he won the father of the year award), "Ewww, I saw his belly bones!"


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Smell My Finger

This sweet little girl

.....>yep, that one .....>

the one made of sugar and spice and everything nice....She walked into the office the other day with her finger in front of her face, just walking, then all of a sudden, a puzzled look comes over her face. She looks at her finger, looks at me and says, "Mom..smell my finger." She proceeds to move her finger in the direction of my nose and I, being the obediant mother of the cutest two year old in the world begin to oblige her request while asking, "What's wrong with your finger?" Just as I begin to inhale, she says, "It was in my butt."

Photo courtesy of one awesomely tall and talented, Rachael Thackston.