Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Child Labor

Now, if I can just get Jackson to cooperate!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Pay Off

The reward of all of our hard work is finally beginning to pay off:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Princess Emma

Tonight Emma took a herself...she washed her hair, used soap and then put on my Peony Bath and Body Works body spray. She made the whole house smell wonderful.

I reached out to her at one point and decalred how pretty she was, ruffling her hair. Emma quickly pushed my hand away, flipped her hair and said, "You don't touch me. I am a princess and you don't touch princesses!"

Later, she let me touch her crown.


Milo and Angel...We Hope

We have two new additions to our home, Milo and Angel. I am hoping that Milo turns into Miley, but they are too young to tell. I am not even sure Angel is a girl, but remember, Angel was very fine looking mine on the t.v. show.

The children has asked us to have a new kitten when we moved into our house and I was adamant about not getting one, number one reason, I hate kittens. Yes, they are cute, but they are also very, very annoying with needle like claws and they love discovering digging in plants, how to sharpen claws on furniture and that it is so much fun to play with your feet under the sheets while you are sleeping. I like my cat, the one that comes to me when SHE wants to.

My Memaw called one day and mentioned that she had done something very "stupid" and had fed two stray kittens that had come up. She had to get rid of them because they kept getting underneath her feet and she was afraid that they were going to trip her. My mother had told her not to even mention it to me because she knows what a sucker I am for need to get rid of an animal, call Malia!

I did the good wifely duty and asked Wade first, just so you know, and now we have two new members. Meet Milo and Angel.

Anatomy...Taught By Emma

Emma yawns.

"Emma!", I yell in an exaggerated, concerned voice.

She stops and looks at me, wondering what exactly my problem may be.

"I just saw something in your was just hanging there!"

"That's because it was my bwain!"