Monday, August 07, 2006

Day One

Another first day of school for us, one in Kindergarten, one in second grade. This was not only a new school year, but a new school, so we were all a bit nervous. We had met the teachers at open house, which I think I told you about, so they seemed pretty nice.

Well, of course, you can't go to school in the morning and not be running late, right? I mean, you all do that, right? Right? Well, mom and I had been up until after 2 a.m. Sunday night, because she was making gorilla bread, which, according to Paula Dean, kicks monkey bread's butt, and we agree...I was watching my Tivo'ed So You Think You Can Dance...I mean helping her make it. So we had a good reason to be running late, like dad didn't have the boys take showers the night before while mom was working, so mom had to take care of that, unknowingly this morning.

We had our gorilla bread, still warm from the night before...on the go. We pulled up to the school with five minutes to spare, which kind of sucked because it was like, "Here is your class, honey, remember that nice lady you spent five minutes with the other day? Good. You're cool, right? Okay, see ya later then." Turn around and leave. Kind of made me feel bad, but I wouldn't want them being singled out as the late kids the first day of school.

They seemed to have liked it. After I waited in line to pick them up for 35 minutes, that's right, hope they have that fixed by tomorrow, I pull up and see Jackson working the ladies and Dylan looking worried. Once in the safety of my car, they both expressed that they had good days, but Dylan thought being a car rider was "hard" because he didn't know where to go. Poor guy. Always worrying. Jackson said something about the three girls he made friends with. They compared notes about the playground, rattled off what they had for lunch and somewhere in there, I think they both mentioned that they had fun. This relieved me. This relieved their father, who was a military brat and has poor memories of having to change schools about the same time in life.

Tomorrow, I unfortunately have a meeting to go to, which will not allow me to drop off or pick up my children from school. Hopefully, my mother will be able to fill my shoes and adequately corral them to their classes. Dylan offered to walk Jackson down. He is so sweet. I am excited and think it will be a great school year. Hope all of yours was equally good today.

Ask me again when they get their first sad face or F and I will tell you how the school system is failing them.

While I am bragging about the boys, take a look at how big this girl is getting....


Friday, August 04, 2006

Potty Training again...

We are trying it again...this time with a little more success. She has gone peepee in the potty several times, but no poop. She went all day while we were running errands, she did wet in her pullups and make the princess hearts go away at all. As soon as she goes all the time in the potty, we can have a pee party and yes, you are all invited.

We had Open House last night and the boys got to meet the teachers at their new school. They seemed very nice, but I was a little concerned when Dylan's teacher said, "We haven't yet decided which reading program we are going to, we are not going to use Saxon math anymore, we haven't decided how we are going to do the math yet." Hello people, school starts Monday! Shouldn't you know how and what you are going to teach the children? I mean I don't have a degree or anything, so I could be totally wrong on that one.

Speaking of degrees, I have decided that as soon as my co-worker and friend, Devin, finishes school, which should be in May, I am going to start back and try to go to West Georgia and get my teaching degree. I am excited and I plan to get it done so that I can have a freakin' career and I can quit worrying about the money.

Now, another school-related note, I keep hearing complaints about the kids clothes being so hard to find to go with dress code. Some examples were buying jeans without holes above the waist and that they were so hard to find. People, Levi's, which I believe are still cool, are available at any Target, department store and even Wal-mrat now. Then I have heard complaints about not being able to find loosefitting shirts for the girls. Puhlease!!! Either get a larger size if you feel like you can't find that style or hey, there are plenty of styles of shirts that are loose fitting! She will live if it doesn't say GAP! Oh and they can't find shorts that aren't too short for the dress code. So...if you seriously can't find shorts long enough...put them in capris. Thanks, that will be $100.00.

More later...maybe.