Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures....Through the Eyes of Children

I gave my children a small project...they get one shot, to take a picture of anything they wanted. They each decided in a matter of seconds, well, Dylan took a little longer, wanting to copy his brother, but mean 'ol me, I made him be creative and choose for himself. Here are the results....

Dylan: This is a Star Wars Trooper, I think that is the name of it, that he got last Christmas and just discovered while cleaning out his toy box. They, that would be the men of the family, Nathan, Ben, Pappy and Wade and then just Pappy and the boys, put this together a couple of weekends ago. When he took the shot, he declared, "Perfect!"

Jackson: He has always been the keeper of many things, almost always animals. He has tons of them, mostly very, very small. The small kind you saw the dad on t.v. stepping all over, doing the one foot hop in the middle of the night kind of small. Tons. of. them. It is appropriate that he chose to photograph his animals.
Emma: At first, she wanted to copy Jackson also, but I was mean to her too. I made her choose something else. She chose our new toads (I haven't told you about them yet). You can see this one in the middle there, it looks like a brown tard in the water. If I knew how, I would draw an arrow or circle it or something, but I am not that savvy. Hey, you are getting a post aren't you?
I thought they did rather well, don't you?

Saturday, June 23, 2007


....Is hot as Hell in Georgia!

Dylan receive an ant farm for Easter and we sent off for the ants that day. In May, I called because there were still no ants in our mailbox and the boy had been patiently waiting for more than the alloted three to six weeks.

I called Uncle Milton, but we couldn't seem to connect due to the different time zone. I believe that they are in California. Finally I got to talk to some one live and they assured us that the ants would arrive in two weeks.

Bless his heart, he waited...for another two weeks before asking if we could call Uncle Milton again. We were told that the ants had indeed shipped, but alas when the lady came back with the ship date, she informed us that a hold had been placed on our ants due to the weather in Georgia.

I inquired about what weather she was referring to since there had been no rain and certainly no snow in Georgia. We have only had pleasant weather for months now.

Uncle Milton's secretary said that there would be no ants shipped to Georgia until there was a 10-day forcast with 85 degree weather in it for Georgia.

"Son", I said, "it looks like your ants will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving dinner."