Saturday, December 30, 2006

Posts that Will One Day Be Published

1. Emma's tattoos
2. Halloween (They were so cute).
3. Emma+powder=Hallway wooden floors.
4. Thanksgiving
5. Jackson learns about Hell and the Devil.

God Bless,

Life-shaping Moments

I got this idea in a magazine, I think it was Real Simple, the December issue: In the rush of the holiday season, an exercise in remembering gifts that money can't buy. Think of a few life-shaping moments that you've been given at various times.

1. When I was 8, my aunt, Auntie is what I call her, called me around my birthday and told me that she was going to take me to get my ears peirced for my birthday. I felt like a total grown up.

2. Having that ring slipped on my finger by my husband.

3. The births of all three of my children.

4. Shopping for wedding dresses with my mother...finally.

5. Being with my Papa when he walked into the arms of Jesus.

6. Losing my first pet.

7. Realizing that being friends with the most popular crowd in school, wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

8. Having my heart broken by that first boy.

9. My first kiss, Eric Alexander.

10. The special traditions that are carried on in my family, like Christmas Eve at Memaw's and Papa's, I haven't missed a one yet. Collards and black-eyed peas at Memaw's and Papa's on New Year's Eve, getting ready for trick-or-treating with my mom when I was kid, every year, Crafting with my mother, etc.

Now, you try.

God Bless,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I am still alive!!!! Hold on! Today is a friend's birthday, let me run and E-mail her real quick!.....Okay, sorry, if I didn't get that done now, it wouldn't have gotten done. So, how was your Christmas? Hello? H-h-hello? Oh shoot, I haven't blogged in so long that I don't have any readers anymore......hello? Hey!!! I have a reader?! Oh...there are a few of really wouldn't like to go to your website...well, I would just rather not try your, wait a minute....all I have left are spammers?!!! UGH!!!! This sucks! Sorry guys! Really, I really will try to be better in this upcoming new year. I will try to keep you interested. More HNTs? Well...ok, I'm sure I could do a few more....yes, definitely more "Kids Say the Darndest Things" I could probably post one of those every day, one for each kid....oh, and you want to know how the renewal planning is going? Well, it is going....I can update you on that every once in a while...sure. Then you will come back and read?! Oh yeah! Yes, yes, yes, I will do much better this year. Thanks! Thanks for giving me another chance. K, have a good one. Bye.

God Bless,