Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Teaches Life Lessons

Dylan and I had the pleasure of each other's company while watching Idol Gives Back. We were watching a segment on some children in Africa whose parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, had all died from AIDS. They had no one. The children left behind were from ages 2 to 16. There were five of them. Annie Lennox broke down and just cried. As they were asking us to pledge money Dylan asked a very important question:

Dylan: How do you decide who gets the money?

Me: I don't know how they decide. There is not enough to go around, but that is why they are asking everyone to donate.

Dylan: But that's not fair. So many children need help.

Dylan learned life lesson, no. 28. Sometimes, no matter how much money you give, no matter how sad you are about it, no matter how much it may make you can't help everyone.

Me: That feeling in your heart, where it is kind of hard to breathe and it feels like it is breaking, your throat kind of hurts because there is a lump in it.... because you know that those children may not get help and may die....that is compassion....and that is one of the most important gifts to receive.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spongebob Makes You a Man

Dylan: What are we watching? Wanna watch something manly? Like Spongebob?


Monday, April 07, 2008


This is Jackson.

This is Jackson by the woodpile. He is mad. I asked him to bring in three peices of wood from the wood pile. He has been in this same stance for 15 minutes. Seriously.

This is Jackson very mad and upset.

This is Jackson marching back to the house to get his four-year-old sister so that SHE can make sure there are no spiders crawling on the wood.

Being able to blog about it and send it to every one HE knows=pricesless


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Coleman and Karla are Officially COLA!

I don't think I actually got a decent picture of them together, but ...wait, let me check my files....

Ahhh, I knew I had a good one.....already feeling the woes of married life and we haven't even had the catered food yet...

Look at that, a trust already broken...

Just kiddin' y'all...I hope you are having fun in Paradise!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

In the End, the Animals Will Eat

Me: Jackson, please turn off the light in the sunroom.(Said with much disgust because I don't understand why turning off a light is such a hard concept to get!)

Jackson: Why do you always tell us to turn lights off?

Me: Because it uses up energy and we need energy to run the Earth.

Dylan: We are running out of oil, kinda sorta...I think.

Me: Yep, you are right.

Jackson: What happens if the Earth stops running?

Me: (Oh crap!)

Dylan: Every one will die, except for the animals because they will eat our rotting flesh and....


Dylan: Oh, sorry...well, it's true....there, now you have something to blog about.

Me: True.

Jackson: I don't like Dylan very much.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Swift Kick in the ... Calf?

Emma and I recently went to Target. The most wonderful store in the world! When you leave Target, the doors automatically open for you. At least, that is what you all thought. What actually happens is magic. If you are not in tune with magic or other people's magic, you may be inclined to think that there is some sort of sensor that sees you and then opens the door for you. Absurd! This just is not so. Some people hide their magic and others bring it right out in front of you. Like Emma.

When leaving Target, Emma walked up to that door punched out that open little hand and said, "Whoosh!" And do you know that the door opened right up? Magic.

Me: Ooooo, I want to try!

Emma: Noooo!! I'm gonna do it!

Me: (Acting out, just a little) No Emma! It's my turn! You already got to do it!

I ran to that second door! Emma ran faster and "Whoosh!" She opened that door again with her magic.

I stomped up to the curb outside, right next to a soccer mom and her SUV, and declared that I was angry at her and it was supposed to be my turn. I turned my back to her, crossed my arms and gave a big, "Hmph!"

All of a sudden I felt a swift kick...right to my calf!!! It was pint-sized, but it packed a punch. It pulled me right out of my funk and I turned around to see.....

EMMA! "I told you it was my turn, not yours. You shouldn't have tried to beat me!"

I looked at Emma, looked at the soccer mom, took Emma's hand and turned in silence and we headed home.

Sometimes, I guess we all need a pint-sized kick in the calf!