Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Swift Kick in the ... Calf?

Emma and I recently went to Target. The most wonderful store in the world! When you leave Target, the doors automatically open for you. At least, that is what you all thought. What actually happens is magic. If you are not in tune with magic or other people's magic, you may be inclined to think that there is some sort of sensor that sees you and then opens the door for you. Absurd! This just is not so. Some people hide their magic and others bring it right out in front of you. Like Emma.

When leaving Target, Emma walked up to that door punched out that open little hand and said, "Whoosh!" And do you know that the door opened right up? Magic.

Me: Ooooo, I want to try!

Emma: Noooo!! I'm gonna do it!

Me: (Acting out, just a little) No Emma! It's my turn! You already got to do it!

I ran to that second door! Emma ran faster and "Whoosh!" She opened that door again with her magic.

I stomped up to the curb outside, right next to a soccer mom and her SUV, and declared that I was angry at her and it was supposed to be my turn. I turned my back to her, crossed my arms and gave a big, "Hmph!"

All of a sudden I felt a swift kick...right to my calf!!! It was pint-sized, but it packed a punch. It pulled me right out of my funk and I turned around to see.....

EMMA! "I told you it was my turn, not yours. You shouldn't have tried to beat me!"

I looked at Emma, looked at the soccer mom, took Emma's hand and turned in silence and we headed home.

Sometimes, I guess we all need a pint-sized kick in the calf!


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