Saturday, December 30, 2006

Posts that Will One Day Be Published

1. Emma's tattoos
2. Halloween (They were so cute).
3. Emma+powder=Hallway wooden floors.
4. Thanksgiving
5. Jackson learns about Hell and the Devil.

God Bless,

Life-shaping Moments

I got this idea in a magazine, I think it was Real Simple, the December issue: In the rush of the holiday season, an exercise in remembering gifts that money can't buy. Think of a few life-shaping moments that you've been given at various times.

1. When I was 8, my aunt, Auntie is what I call her, called me around my birthday and told me that she was going to take me to get my ears peirced for my birthday. I felt like a total grown up.

2. Having that ring slipped on my finger by my husband.

3. The births of all three of my children.

4. Shopping for wedding dresses with my mother...finally.

5. Being with my Papa when he walked into the arms of Jesus.

6. Losing my first pet.

7. Realizing that being friends with the most popular crowd in school, wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

8. Having my heart broken by that first boy.

9. My first kiss, Eric Alexander.

10. The special traditions that are carried on in my family, like Christmas Eve at Memaw's and Papa's, I haven't missed a one yet. Collards and black-eyed peas at Memaw's and Papa's on New Year's Eve, getting ready for trick-or-treating with my mom when I was kid, every year, Crafting with my mother, etc.

Now, you try.

God Bless,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I am still alive!!!! Hold on! Today is a friend's birthday, let me run and E-mail her real quick!.....Okay, sorry, if I didn't get that done now, it wouldn't have gotten done. So, how was your Christmas? Hello? H-h-hello? Oh shoot, I haven't blogged in so long that I don't have any readers anymore......hello? Hey!!! I have a reader?! Oh...there are a few of really wouldn't like to go to your website...well, I would just rather not try your, wait a minute....all I have left are spammers?!!! UGH!!!! This sucks! Sorry guys! Really, I really will try to be better in this upcoming new year. I will try to keep you interested. More HNTs? Well...ok, I'm sure I could do a few more....yes, definitely more "Kids Say the Darndest Things" I could probably post one of those every day, one for each kid....oh, and you want to know how the renewal planning is going? Well, it is going....I can update you on that every once in a while...sure. Then you will come back and read?! Oh yeah! Yes, yes, yes, I will do much better this year. Thanks! Thanks for giving me another chance. K, have a good one. Bye.

God Bless,

Monday, November 20, 2006

Heaven and Hell

Jackson is just like me in so many ways. We worry about things we cannot change, things that are inevitable, like death. Like, it hurts our stomachs worry. He asks things about it all the time and these are subjects I avoid because in my happy little world, all things are good, never sad, never painful.

One night while I am at work, I get a message from my mother telling me that she has scared Jackson and he will probably never talk to her again, but will most likely be telling me about it and she wanted me to be prepared. When I got home, she tells me just exactly what it is she has done:

Apparently, this happened over several hours. He kept coming back and asking questions...just like he did me when he asked me about dying.

Jackson asked her if the Devil was real. She explained to him that the Devil is indeed real, but that you can't see Him like you do on t.v., like with horns and a pointy tail. (What!!! He doesn't have horns and a pointy tail?!!!) She expains that the Devil was an angel, but he did wrong by God and God banished him from Heaven. Jackson intrigued says, "Really?"

The questions start coming: What does he look like? Can he come here? Does he really live under the ground?

She explained that you can see the devil in people, like when someone is being real mean, that is the devil. He lives everywhere and yes indeed he can come here.

Jackson walks away, watches a little cartoons and comes back. "Well, can he hurt me? How do I know he is here? Where does he live?

My mother then tells him, "Yes, if you do what the devil wants then he can hurt you and he will try to trick you to hurt you. He lives in Hell." She then goes on to try to explain Heaven and Hell to the boy. She of course, now realizes she has dug herself into a hole and doesn't know how to get out of what she started. So she tried to explain to him about the angel sitting on your shoulder and the devil sitting on the other shoulder like in cartoons.

Jackson went away, watched some cartoons, used the bathroom and came back. He asked, "What happens if you listen to the devil on your shoulder?" You guessed it! She tells him that he will go to Hell! His eyes get wide. He tears up. She just tells him, "That is why we listen to the angel and not the devil, so that we won't have to go to Hell.

Tee hee.

My mother calls her mother and explains what has happened and is wanting to be reassured that she has done a good job of explaining this to a five-year-old. My grandmother helps her recover the mess she has made by telling her that she left out the most important part, asking Jesus for forgiveness. Oh yeah!!!! That would be a good part to add.

Poor boy, is scarred for life, but you know what, every time he has done something wrong. He stops what he is doing, gets down on his knees and prays. Go Grammy!!

God Bless,

Diarrhea, Cha, Cha, Cha

Emma has a diary. She writes in it. Scribbles really. She carries it around with her. She lays it down whereever there is a blank space. I, being the Mother of the Year, was cleaning up the living room and I grabbed her diary to take and put in a proper place. Next thing I hear is Emma screaming, "GIVE ME BACK MY DIARRHEA!!! GIVE ME MY DIARRHEA!" Sure thing honey, you can have it.



My kids...I tell you....The other day, I was frying catfish for Sunday supper. The grease was hot and poppin'. Dylan was supposed to be helping me cook supper as his chore for the day. He was over doing some dishes. I was standing with Wade as he was "helping" to direct me in if the fish was done or not. Just then the grease popped and landed on my hand. It was hot and burnin'. My first instinct was to scream an explicative, but I am a mom and so I have trained myself not to say those kinds of words. So, instead, I chose to scream out, "SON OF A BIOTCH!"

Dylan turns and looks and says, "What's a biotch?"

Mother of the year=Me


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Thing...3

Emma has been sick this weekend. She has the crud that is going around because of the weather change....temperature, cough, raspy chest, stopped up nose, running nose....So yesterday, she was riding back with my mother from picking the boys up from school. She sucks her thumb and you know, not even a stopped up nose will come between a girl and her thumb. So she says, "Grammy do you hear that?" She sticks her thumb in her mouth and attempts to breathe through her stopped up little nose, "It sounds like Darth Vader!"


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friends...Words of Wisdom

There's a lot you can do to help a friend through hard times. There's also a lot you can do to make things worse.


Mattel is obviously running out of ideas

Have you seen this? What will Mattel think of next? Are they seriously running out of ideas? I mean, a dog, where you have to clean up it's poop. Blech!


Monday, October 16, 2006

The Flowers

I have run into my first mishap with planning this whole wedding/renewal shebang. I want these flowers.

My mother doesn't. Guess what, it is not her shin dig. I pained through magazines and books, websites and E-mails trying to figure out what kind of flowers I wanted. My eye kept going back to these and then I had Wade choose his top five from my stack of 100. He chose these as his number one pick also. So, my mother and I met with the potential florist yesterday and I figured out that my mom can really grate on my nerves and she wants this thing more than I do.

We pretty much do not have the same taste in anything. The florist said that the cala lilies are expensive, about $8.75 per flower and that she does not think that she can make silk ones that will match the roses. I explain that we can do more roses than cala's, that is fine with me. Well, my mother chimes in that I can put some white ones in there too and that will help with the cost. Well, that is not what I want. I personally, think that the white will not go well with all this purple and then, boom, white. I just don't like it. That pissed her off, she then began to huff and puff and blow all my excitement down.

Next thing, I was talking about the ribbon that would go around the maids' bouquets and that I would like something sparkly, because, you know, I like things that sparkle. Mom mentioned to the florist that we could get the rhinstones that go in the flowers. The florist stated that these cost about $65 for 25. I said, "Well, we don't need to get them if they are that expensive." Mom says, "If I am spending this much, $65 is not going to matter. Well, hello, I think I would want more than 25. I wouldn't want them just in my bouquet, I would want them throughout. In my opinion, it would look funny to have them only in my bouquet and nowhere else. I don't think it would flow well.

Well, I haven't even looked at cakes yet, I was trying to concentrate on the flowers and get that done first. The cake can come later. Sure I have seen them and said, "Yeah, I like that one, but I never said, "That's the one!" She starts talking to the florist about the flowers on the cake and THE KIND OF CAKE I WANT! I told her, "I haven't decided on a cake yet, I haven't even really looked!" My mom says, "You said you wanted that one in that book, you said that was the one and that was it!" Hello people, NO I DIDN'T!

I mean, come on! This is ridiculous. It is not your event mom, you don't get to make the decisions here!

Oh, and then!...the florist was asking what color I wanted in the mother's corsages, but...she wasn't looking at me and asking me...she was looking at my mother and asking my mother what color she wanted. Uh, exscuse me...don't I get a say in that? Of course my mother wants WHITE ROSES! Hello! There are not going to be white roses ANYWHERE else in that wedding. Nowhere! I chime in and say, "No, the same lavender." My mom argues, "Well, fine, but just so long as you know that you are get to have to get with EVERYBODY (seriously, how many people are going to have mother's corsages) and make sure they color coordinate their clothes with the lavender roses. Really? Is that what everyone does? Do they say, "Oh, I know that my corsage is going to be green, so I can't wear royal blue! I mean, really, whatever! She says, "Well, are you at least okay with baby's breath?" Well, no mother, I am not okay with baby's breath, I want it to look like Barney came in there and bled his purple blood all over the damn place and you know what, YOU ARE GOING TO JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!!! UGH!

Turns out that the lady is going to cost more than what they originally told us at that lovely Marlow House, so that will be more stress added. My mom is saying that she can do some of the decorations, but people, I am going to have to tell her, fine, but if that is what is going to happen, then you are going to have to go with what I want without getting pissed about it. How in the hell do people handle this crap?


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Installment of "Kid's Say the Darndest Things"

Yesterday, while riding back home from having pictures taken by Rachael, Jackson whined, "Mom, my leg is burning." "Hmmm...", I said. Dylan though, he had the answer, in a very serious, diagnostic voice, he wondered aloud, "Well, I hope that it is not because you are turning into an alien." Jackson looked very worried.

Today, while Wade was allowing Jackson to watch some kind of horribly violent movie that I would not have approved of, Jackson shreiked in disgust after some kind of monster ripped the skin from a man's chest and then crushed his skull, (that's right, he won the father of the year award), "Ewww, I saw his belly bones!"


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Smell My Finger

This sweet little girl

.....>yep, that one .....>

the one made of sugar and spice and everything nice....She walked into the office the other day with her finger in front of her face, just walking, then all of a sudden, a puzzled look comes over her face. She looks at her finger, looks at me and says, "Mom..smell my finger." She proceeds to move her finger in the direction of my nose and I, being the obediant mother of the cutest two year old in the world begin to oblige her request while asking, "What's wrong with your finger?" Just as I begin to inhale, she says, "It was in my butt."

Photo courtesy of one awesomely tall and talented, Rachael Thackston.


Friday, September 08, 2006


My son...the dramatic one....Dylan...I never thought I would have to deal with this so soon.

There we are...driving home from school and the boys are asking me what we are having for snack. Well, just earlier that week, I had taken it upon myself to put us all on a more healthy lifestyle and I have made out menus for breakfast, lunch, AM snack, PM snack and supper. This shall all go into affect starting, don't mess with me...I will be without Coke, sugar and anything good to eat.

Anyways, there we are...on the way home from school and the boys are asking me what they can have for snack. "Can I have Spongebob fruit snacks? Can I have three peices of candy? Can I have a soda?"

Being the new good mom, I say, "No, I am picking your snack today. We are going to start eating healthy. I am putting everyone on a diet."

Dylan says, "A diet!!! That stinks! You don't get to eat good food on a diet! (This should all be said with a high-pitched whine)

Me, "Dylan it is good for you."

Dylan, "Ugh, You can't put me on a diet!!! IT'S MY LIFE!!!"


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Renewal

Some of you know about my "not wedding" situation and some of you don't. Basically, I didn't ever get to have a wedding. If you want me to explain in more detail, let me know, and I will go into the whole speil.

For my nine year anniversary, my mother and stepfather gave me a wedding magazine. With a lot of skeptism, I went along on the ride. Well, now the down payment on the venue has been placed, so it must really be happening.

I invite you all to check out our wedding website, even though it is a renewal, at Sign our guestbook.

We will be having the ceremony at The Marlow House, which is a beautiful Victorian era house, built in 1887. I want this ceremony to be as close to traditional as possible, even though this wedding, is as far from traditional as I can imagine. I am leaning towards a Victorian theme even. I am so excited.

I haven't picked out the first stitch of anything, not color, though I am leaning towards a purple, not a bridesmaid, not flower, just the place, that's it. I have a lot of planning to do before May 26, 2007. The main thing is the dress. I have the dress. The dress that I never got to wear. The only thing surprisingly that doesn't fit in it, is the top. I have to get to work on that, but I am just too damn tired to hit the gym when I get off of work. The rest of the time I have Emma. I really want to be able to wear that dress. The photos are equally important to me, as a matter of fact, probably the most important to me. The place is beautiful, my children are going to be gorgeous and my husband is going to be handsome and I want every moment captured on film, so that I can relive it time and time again. Lord knows I have waited long enough. I haven't made the guest list. Oh, we do have a caterer! Woo hoo. Only because it was included with the house. Anyways, I encourage you all to visit the websites and give me any ideas you may have. I promise to keep you updated as soon as any details come in.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Day One

Another first day of school for us, one in Kindergarten, one in second grade. This was not only a new school year, but a new school, so we were all a bit nervous. We had met the teachers at open house, which I think I told you about, so they seemed pretty nice.

Well, of course, you can't go to school in the morning and not be running late, right? I mean, you all do that, right? Right? Well, mom and I had been up until after 2 a.m. Sunday night, because she was making gorilla bread, which, according to Paula Dean, kicks monkey bread's butt, and we agree...I was watching my Tivo'ed So You Think You Can Dance...I mean helping her make it. So we had a good reason to be running late, like dad didn't have the boys take showers the night before while mom was working, so mom had to take care of that, unknowingly this morning.

We had our gorilla bread, still warm from the night before...on the go. We pulled up to the school with five minutes to spare, which kind of sucked because it was like, "Here is your class, honey, remember that nice lady you spent five minutes with the other day? Good. You're cool, right? Okay, see ya later then." Turn around and leave. Kind of made me feel bad, but I wouldn't want them being singled out as the late kids the first day of school.

They seemed to have liked it. After I waited in line to pick them up for 35 minutes, that's right, hope they have that fixed by tomorrow, I pull up and see Jackson working the ladies and Dylan looking worried. Once in the safety of my car, they both expressed that they had good days, but Dylan thought being a car rider was "hard" because he didn't know where to go. Poor guy. Always worrying. Jackson said something about the three girls he made friends with. They compared notes about the playground, rattled off what they had for lunch and somewhere in there, I think they both mentioned that they had fun. This relieved me. This relieved their father, who was a military brat and has poor memories of having to change schools about the same time in life.

Tomorrow, I unfortunately have a meeting to go to, which will not allow me to drop off or pick up my children from school. Hopefully, my mother will be able to fill my shoes and adequately corral them to their classes. Dylan offered to walk Jackson down. He is so sweet. I am excited and think it will be a great school year. Hope all of yours was equally good today.

Ask me again when they get their first sad face or F and I will tell you how the school system is failing them.

While I am bragging about the boys, take a look at how big this girl is getting....


Friday, August 04, 2006

Potty Training again...

We are trying it again...this time with a little more success. She has gone peepee in the potty several times, but no poop. She went all day while we were running errands, she did wet in her pullups and make the princess hearts go away at all. As soon as she goes all the time in the potty, we can have a pee party and yes, you are all invited.

We had Open House last night and the boys got to meet the teachers at their new school. They seemed very nice, but I was a little concerned when Dylan's teacher said, "We haven't yet decided which reading program we are going to, we are not going to use Saxon math anymore, we haven't decided how we are going to do the math yet." Hello people, school starts Monday! Shouldn't you know how and what you are going to teach the children? I mean I don't have a degree or anything, so I could be totally wrong on that one.

Speaking of degrees, I have decided that as soon as my co-worker and friend, Devin, finishes school, which should be in May, I am going to start back and try to go to West Georgia and get my teaching degree. I am excited and I plan to get it done so that I can have a freakin' career and I can quit worrying about the money.

Now, another school-related note, I keep hearing complaints about the kids clothes being so hard to find to go with dress code. Some examples were buying jeans without holes above the waist and that they were so hard to find. People, Levi's, which I believe are still cool, are available at any Target, department store and even Wal-mrat now. Then I have heard complaints about not being able to find loosefitting shirts for the girls. Puhlease!!! Either get a larger size if you feel like you can't find that style or hey, there are plenty of styles of shirts that are loose fitting! She will live if it doesn't say GAP! Oh and they can't find shorts that aren't too short for the dress code. So...if you seriously can't find shorts long enough...put them in capris. Thanks, that will be $100.00.

More later...maybe.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


(The F word is going to be used just a little in this post....sorry ahead of time.)

You are not going to believe this. I actually started this post prepared to tell you that my car was broken...AGAIN. We had just spent $1360.00 on the car to have a head gasket replaced for the SECOND time in a two years. I then had to take it back because after they had torn it to peices and rebuilt it, it was idling funny. They decided it needed a new battery. I went and spent another $53.99 on a battery, but that didn't fix the problem, so I took it back a third time. They then told me that I needed to let it run at the same speed for at least 10 miles and this would reset the battery and also that I needed to add some fuel injection stuff. Did that. It runs better, but not like before. So, Sunday, after church, we headed to Super' Target' to buy some prayer journals. About the time we reached our destination, the car started running hot again. Now, when I first took it to them, I asked them to figure out what was making the car run hot and causing the head gasket to blow. I am thinking now that obviously they did not do their job. So yesterday, I took it across the street to the grocery store and it started running hot again, so I took it straight to the shop, left it running and took Emma and I inside and explained the situation. He said that they would look at it immediately. A few minutes later he comes out and tells me the head gasket may be blown again and that I should not have run it hot. Basically, he was getting onto me for something I didn't feel I had done. When it ran hot, not in the red, just hotter than normal, we took it straight home and I did not drive it again. He basically continued to blame me until he made me cry. I went outside and called my stepfather who knows cars better than I and about that time Wade showed up. A much nicer man then came out and explained the situation to us. He explained that the water pump was now leaking, which was a direct result of running the vehicle hot. I got a little bit hot myself then and told him again that I DID NOT run the damn car hot. He begins to explain that when it ran hot the first time, the damage was done because it can weaken the bolts, belts, blah, blah, blah, blah. My thinking is that if you know that it can happen, why didn't they check them to see if they had been weakened. Anyways, I was probably their worst nightmare, a blubbering girl who was in hysterics with her daughter who wouldn't shut up! So, my stepdad said, "Yeah, their right, it is probably the water pump!" The mechanic did tell me that the head gasket was not blown, they didn't think." Well, halleluah for freakin' small miracles!!!

So, that is what I was planning to blog to you about, but Wade just called and tells me that I am going to hear some news that I am not going to like. I am thinking, "What? Did someone die?" No, guess who's FUCKING water pump has gone out in his car?! UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I have no fucking money for this shit. So here I am, blubbering like an idiot again with my mom telling me that this is just life and it will all be okay! YEAH, WELL FUCK YOU!

Belated July 4th

Fourth of July was uneventful with the clan. The boys were not even with me and I had to work. The boys spent the night with my friend Devin and her son and they shot off their own fireworks. So, when I got home, Emma, Wade and I shot off a few so that it would feel somewhat like the Fourth to me. I actually did all the shooting and I had never done that before. Fun! Happy Belated Birthday America!

Get Dunked...

At work, I was coordinating a fund raiser for The Children's Miracle Network. For the final day, we rented a dunk tank, but I had it for the whole weekend. So, I towed it on home and me and the fam had some fun.....

No He Didn't....

See this man? I know, it is not a good picture, but I didn't want him to know that I was taking his picture, you know, like I was making fun of him on my blog. Let me set this up...Wade and I are sitting at the QT. We are sitting there discussing what he is going to get me to drink and we see this strange man walking up the sidewalk. Now, there is a QT employee and his girlfriend standing on the sidewalk talking while he is washing it off. We both noticed the man. We look him up and down. He has on a white page boy hat, a red 70s style western shirt with white detail and then....then, as you move on down, he has on short, like to the bottom of his booty cheek, chrocheted pink, orange and yellow shorts....that's right, crocheted. shorts. Not only that...but, you could see his wad. HIS WAD! As if that wasn't bad enough, yes, there is more, you move on down his body and he has matching crocheted socks with black sandals on. was over 90 degrees that day. Now, around his crocheted shorts, and I believe you can see the two liter bottle in the picture above, he has a tool belt. The tool belt holds various items, a two liter soda, some pens, some tape, etc. I have now seen everything! The QT employee and I look up at each other and he shakes his head as I laugh. We wait for the man to come back out of the store, just so that I can take his picture to show you.

We have quite a few characters in our small town, there is Ms. Jessie, the crazy black lady in Hiram with her buggy, tamborine and stick. She likes to point and preach/cuss/yell at you as you drive by. I fear for her life. There is the Danicing Man seen in Dallas and Hiram with his IPOD on, always dancing and I mean getting it! There is Preacher Man, he comes into Kroger at least three nights a week always preaching about Jesus and how Kroger is going to Hell. I guess he is spreading the word and that is all that matters. Now we have The Walking Man, he in his crocheted shorts, whom I have now also seen in my store, wearing the same ensemble. He is seen in Dallas. People, don't drink the water here.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Day at the Park

I joined Wade and the children at the park, usually Wade takes them while I am at work, so they showed me the ropes. We had initially gone to the Park of Dreams where Dylan proceeded to pitch a fit about sliding down the pole. See...he is not one to take risks. He is very level-headed and just takes things in stride and walks a straight line. So, it just is not logical to him to throw yourself onto a pole and plunge to the ground. Meanwhile Jackson takes a running jump onto the pole and plummets to the earth. I spent about five minutes with Dylan trying to force him down the pole. I gave up, but was determined that he was not going to. So then, Wade took over. I heard a lot of arguing, a lot of screaming (from Dylan) and a lot of yelling (from Wade). Finally, he went down the pole. Then there was a lot of "you did goods", "we're proud of yous" and such and such and so on....

Then....they all circle around me and want to show me a new park. "Okay", ...So, we begin to walk, and walk and walk and walk. My cute sandals were rubbing blisters on my big toe and I was starting to get dizzy. Finally, we come to a teeny, tiny little contraption of a park and the children start running everywhere saying, "Look mom, here it is!" "This is it, huh?" Wade then begins to make fun of all of my complaining. It was a lot of fun though. They got to see me run, which they find funny. We played hide and seek, freeze tag and Wade and Emma played "Catch me daddy". That's the one where he chases her and she acts all scared. I was glad I got to go and that they invited me.

The Gifts

Jackson had asked for Floam about six months ago when it first came out. (Gasp! I just realized I don't have a picture of the birthday boy on his birthday! For shame!) Anyways, this is what we got him, which was a shock to my mother. Emma has already discovered the Floam...and so has dad....

Two days in a row

I am off of work. I love having two days or more off in a row. It seems like I can get so much more accomplished. I wind up at the store anyway though. I should just move in there.


Monday, July 10, 2006

The Shadow Family


I Finished the Cake...

It took three weeks, but I finished it.


I finished it two days after his birthday and I learned a very valuable lesson. Read all of the directions before you start a recipe. I had to make a run to the store a total of three times in the middle of making the cake. I had to stop several times because many steps included refrigerating a portion of the cake for several hours. Hello...the child got his cake TWO days after his birthday...TWO DAYS. So, without further is the cake.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

So They Say It's Your Birthday...nah,nah,nah, nah, nah..

We celebrated Jackson's birthday and today, it was my turn. I had some surprising birthday wishes from people I didn't think would remember, including my brother, (shoot, I forgot to get his picture!) I figured it would pretty much be just another day since I had to work and since my birthday is kind of overshadowed now that Jackson's is right before mine, but I had some very special friends who made it a birthday to remember, from serenades over the intercom at work (several actually), to pizza, cookie cakes, gifts and surprise visits. Thanks to all who made it a special one. Love ya.

First, I ran some errands and then I had lunch with my friend Devin, my children and her son Braedyn. We ate some wonderful mexican food with lots of cheese dip, salsa and chips.

Being that it is now 1:53 a.m., I am going to put this day to bed. I will post more birthday pictures tomorrow, promising it will flow better, but for now, I have a headache. Hope you all had an equally wonderful day.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


(This blog should be read entirely in a whisper)

Today is Jackson's 5th birthday. Five years ago today, I was in the worst pain of my life, pushing out a 10 lb. 1 oz baby boy with no epidural. Ouch! At that point, I didn't like him very much, but now, I am in love with this little man.

I am attempting, to make him a cake. My very first cake. It should look like this when I am done.
I will let you know how it turns out. Stop by and wish my little one a happy birthday.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yep, it is true! I am addicted! I have found old friends, people I didn't remember and even new friends... all via Myspace. Thanks to Rachael she has given me something new to pencil into my schedule. It has truly been an absolute joy to reconnect with some of my old buddies from way back before my Paulding County days. Though I am "like 85" according to my co-worker, I have connected with my younger co-workers because of Myspace. They are all now "my friends". It put me in a new "cool" category among those youngsters. Gotta run and check to see if I have any new friends to approve.




Saturday, June 17, 2006

Guess. Who. I. Met!

Tonight, tonight at my store, guess. who. I. waited. on. Patty Loveless. Do you know who she is? She is only one of the greatest and best country singers ever. Thing is, I think I have seen her many times before in our store, but didn't really notice until tonight. So, here is the story. First let me note that I was way braver than my friend Rachael, who when she saw Julia Roberts in her store, yes, more known, but still, she didn't speak to her, nor did she touch her. Love ya, Rach, but I did better! So, here is what happened. This sweet looking housewife type came up to my desk and said that she wanted to exchange some orange soda that her husband had bought, but that it was the wrong kind. I told her to go get what she wanted so that I could exchange it out in the computer. I told her she could just stop back by after she did her shopping. She laughed and said she didn't have anymore shopping to do, that was it. She turned and went away. I thought, "She looks like Patty Loveless." I went on about my business.

I waited on a few customers and by that time, I had decided that she was indeed Patty Loveless and I remember that she lived in this county and it was a possibility, but I wanted to get a good look at her again.

Mrs. Loveless came up to someone else next to my desk and I quickly made her come to me with a, "I got her. Over here." She came over and I erxplaned that for inventory reasons I had to change everything out in the computer and I was sorry for the inconvenience." She said that was fine and explained again about her husband buying the wrong kind and also said that we did not have the kind that she had wanted.

Now, when you return something, they have to fill out a slip with the reason they are returning it and their CUSTOMER INFORMATION. I could see that she was struggling with it. By this time, I had decided that I was going to ask her if she was indeed Patty Loveless because I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to meet the most popular celebrity I had ever had the chance to lay eyes on. So once she signed her name, "Patty and then her married last name"

I tapped her little hand and I said, "You know who you look like?"

She gave her famous smirk and said, "Who?"

I said, "You look like Patty Loveless."

She smiled and smirked again and said, "You have a good eye."

I said, "It is very nice to meet you."

She said, "And your name is Malia?" She bent down closer to check out the name tag.

I said, "Yes m'am." (Oh My Gosh, she just said my name!)

We said goodbye and she then turned and walked away. I was playing all cool and collected and as she was leaving she turned around and said something to me, but it was illegible and she laughed. I figure she was talking about the way she looked or telling me not to tell anyone or something. I don't know. I think she looked great, like one of us. She was very sweet, very normal and very housewife.

The drinks that she returned...yeah, I bought them.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Sunny Days and the News

Yesterday, I went to a Bag Off. What's a Bag Off you ask? Well, I work as a supervisor in a grocery store and we had one of our courtesy clerks a.k.a., baggers, compete in a competition of the best baggers. He won in our division and went on yesterday to compete for state. Yes, state. He placed fourth or fifth, but we are still so proud of him. Yea! David!!!

We were on three news stations. Most of the coverage was of David and yes, me. It was fun.


I'm Late......HNT 4 mother was mad at me and she locked herself in the room that had the computer. Sounds juvenile, but...alas, it is true.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What is That Down There?

A few of you have questioned what that is that I took a picture of down there. I can't figure out if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

Question is, should I tell, or should I leave it a mystery?


Monday, June 12, 2006

I Told You More Went on in My Life than HNT

So, it is official....I am getting the same man...the one I never divorced.....a renewal of the vows, but with an actual wedding....

Okay...a little history...when we were engaged we found a great deal on a house, we were shamed into thinking we could not get the house and live together without being married.....we didn't want to let the house get away, so we went to the JP. No wedding for the only daughter.

Fast forward---Mom says, "We will throw you a wedding anyways."

Me, "Okay, cool."

Fast forward---My mom has a boyfriend, who stays at her house over night and practically lives with her. She is then engaged to be married for the third time. She begins to plan....her wedding. I help.

There was discussion with my grandmother, "You deserve to have a wedding, I mean, this is her third, she doesn't NEED another wedding."

Me, "Yeah, I know."

Fast forward---My new stepsister---comes home, "I'm getting married." She had lived with this boy in North Carolina for quite some time.

My mom, "Oh yea! Here, let's start planning a wedding. I have all the books from when Malia was engaged!"

Me, "Oh yea, this will be fun. I will help plan. Malia, yours is next." Later, I cry at the wedding.

Fast forward---The stepsister gets divorced, comes home and lives with mom and Pappy for a while, then finds a new man. She moves in with new man. Comes home about six months later and says, "Guess what, I am getting married!"

Mom says, "Oh yeah, Let's get the books out again and start planning. Malia, you're next."

Me, "Yeah, okay." Less planning by me this time, a lot less, cause I don't care for the girl, but that's another story for another day. I don't attend that wedding because I don't support the marriage or her.

Fast forward--My brother, who has been living with his girlfriend for a year finally decides he is going to get married. He is the favorite of the family.

Mom says, "Yea! Let's get out the books and I'll help you plan. Malia, I swear you're next, maybe for your five year anniversary. You have had kids and everything." She throws them an elaborate reception and I help, a lot....because I love him and want to see him happy.

Me, "Yeah, okay." I attend the wedding, but I don't pay much attention because I am attending to baby Emma.

Fast Forward--The other stepsister, who actually still lives at home, says, "I'm getting married."

Mom says, "Yea! Let's pull out all the books, I'll help you plan! Malia, only one more after her has to get married, then it is your turn."

Me, "Yeah, okay. I know now that this is never going to happen. I cry at weddings because I didn't have one, not because I am happy for the couple."

I help decorate and plan and have fun with it. I cry at the wedding.

So, a couple of years go by, the older stepsister is talking about marriage one listens....

Me and the hubby just celebrated our ninth anniversary. For a gift, my mother hands me a wedding gift bag. I open it and there is a bridal magazine inside.

Me, "What's this for?" I knew, but I didn't choose to believe it.

Mom, "We are giving you a wedding. It will be next year on your tenth."

Me, "Seriously this time?"

Mom, "Seriously."


Thursday, June 01, 2006

HNT 2?

In honor of Belated Mother's Day:

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Go see the man, Osbasso.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mommy love

Missing from picture: Nanny McPhee, given with love, by Emma.

These are my mother's day presents. First, the Mommy Fact Sheet. I attended Muffins for Mom with Jackson on May 18 where he presented me with this sheet. I don't know if you can see it, but he knows that I am six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. Smart boy. He knows that my hair is a multitude of colors, when it is wet, it is black, when it is dry, it is brown. (Technically, it is red). He also knew that my favorite drink is Coke. Sad, but true. Did you know that around the house, I watch the news and cook? (I only watch the news in the summer to watch for pending thunderstorms and I only cook, maybe twice a week). Hmmm, my favorite food is broccoli, which I also cook. I know that it would seem like favorite place to go would be to work because it seems that is always where I am at, but, oh sweet boy, you have no idea. I'm glad that I have fooled you so and that you think my life is full of fun. Again, my favorite T.V. show, he says, is the news. I did have my picture taken with one Ken Cook, local weather man last month though. Perhaps this could be where this perception came from. How funny and sweet to have something like that to keep forever and show his girlfriends.

Jackson also presented me with that flower, which says, "I planted this flower as a gift for you! To thank you for all the special things you do! Happy Mother's Day 2006" Jackson had missed school the day before Muffins for Mom and when he presented me with this flower and I was raving about how sweet and pretty it was, he said, "I didn't make that for you." It was in the tone of "I don't know where the hell this flower came from and I don't know why you are telling me what a good job I did on it. I think the muffins have gone to your brain or something." I said, "Jackson, yes you did, you just don't remember." He said, "No, mom, I didn't. I don't know what you are talking about." So, I had him kiss it, which would magically transfuse all of his love for me into the pot. It didn't work, as you can see, the flower is now dead. Apparently they had made them the day before and he missed it, so the teachers made his.

We also made that big pink "rose" flower together. I think it turned out lovely, don't you?

Now, on the Friday before Mother's day, we took out my mother and my grandmother and me to Johnny Carino's and ate and ate and ate. It was wondrous. We also have Family Movie Night on Friday Nights, so since Emma had a movie for me, they decided to go ahead and present me with my gifts, hers being Nanny McPhee. Loved it! Very cute movie with a good message. It kind of reminded me of Liminy Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Devin borrowed the movie now and is holding it for ransom until I give back her Moulin Rouge I borrowed three weeks ago, which is why it is not pictured.

The earrings to the left are mystic fire topaz that match a ring that Wade got for me two Mother's Days ago. The earrings were a gift from Jackson. This is significant because, when Jackson was just barely three, he for some reason got my ring and was playing with it in the bathroom while Dylan was pooping and somehow dropped it into the toilet just as Dylan was flushing. I had to replace it because it was gone and there was no rescuing it. So, it was appropriate that Jackson give me these earrings.

The candles, which Dylan informed me while my eyes were closed and my hands were out, that he got me a whole bunch of are in the scents of Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Shortbread, cotton Candy and Lemon Bars. They smell great. I am not good at guessing scents as we could tell when I tried to guess the scent of each one with my eyes closed and failed the test by 100%. Dylan has it right already, you can't go wrong with candles or anything from Bath and Body Works.

And the ring. Wade made the mistake of getting me jewelry two years in a row for Christmas and then two years in a row for Mother's Day, now he is stuck with me expecting it every year. I had mentioned to him that I was still in the need of a sapphire stone because...Well...I don't have any. I was surprised when he presented me with this though. I didn't think he would actually get me something like that. I love it and think it is absolutely gorgeous. Now I just need, an emerald, yellow topaz, peridot, amethyst.....

I love all my babies and the hubby, who treat me so sweetly. Thanks for the gifts and the memories.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Hope you had a good one.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Coming Soon...

A Mother's Day post and a Graduation post......oh yeah, and a new HNT.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Uh Oh....

Malia found a meme......but, I have never seen this one before. I give LoB credit for this one.

Here is a fun thing to do:

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.
Post on your blog.

Ready?...Here goes....

Will I get far in life?
Don't Cry For Me Argentina--Julie Covington

How do my friends see me?
Someday--Nichole Nordeman

Where will I get married?
No More Chains--Nichole Nordeman (Ha!!!)

What is my best friend's theme song?
Probably Wouldn't Be This Way--LeAnn Rimes

What is the story of my life?
O' Holy Night--Niccole and Jane Liston

What was high school like?
Luxurious--Gwen Stefani(NOT!)

How can I get ahead in life?
It's Your Call--Reba McEntire

What is the best thing about me?
Brave--Nichole Nordeman(Ya think?)

How is today going to be?
What if--Nichole Nordeman

What is in store for this weekend?
Please Come--Nichole Nordeman(Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa! Yes!!!)
(I seriously shouldn't have made that dirty, she is a Christian singer and this is a christian song)

What song describes my parents?
And Still--Reba McEntire

My grandparents?
Memory--Elaine Page

How is my life going?
Fool for You--Nichole Nordeman

What song will they play at my funeral?
On Bended Knee--Boyz II Men

How does the world see me?
The Greatest Man I Never Knew--Reba McEntire

Will I have a happy life?
Lay it Down--Nichole Nordeman

What do my friends really think of me?
Real to Me--Nichole Nordeman

Do people secretly lust after me?
Can You Feel It--Black Eyed Peas

How can I make myself happy?
Hollaback Girl--Gwen Stefani

What should I do with my life?
Hold On--Nichole Nordeman

Will I ever have children?
Thank You--Boyz II Men

What is some good advice?
Lord Have Mercy--Black Eyed Peas

What is my signature dancing song?
Luxurious--Gwen Stefani

What do I think my current theme song is?
All I Want to Do--Niccole Liston

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Help Me Believe--Nichole Nordeman

What type of men/women do you like?
Dum Diddy Dummer--Black Eyed Peas(I actually like my men a little smart)

So, there you have it. Before you complain about the variety of music, just know that I only have 76 loaded on my MP3 player because I am a woman of little time and I can only get to it every once in a while. I will eventually add more, but for now, I am happy with my collection of like, five artists.


A Whirlwind Weekend...

What a weekend! I can't believe I packed so much into one weekend, didn't feel rushed and I even worked one of the weekend days. I wish every weekend could be so nice. First, the weather was great, though today was slightly windy, okay, it totally messed up my hair, but I am trying to make this a positive post.

I had to work both Friday and Saturday until midnight, but plus side, on Friday I got paid and found out that I was being moved up in my Kroger world. Woohoo!!! Oh yeah, at my other job, I put in for a raise and should know tomorrow if that is approved. I have lunch with the big boss man tomorrow.

Saturday, I didn't have to be at work until 5, so I left Emma and Jackson with mom and went to take care of some pampering sans chillins. Wade had taken Dylan to the air show, so I thought it would be nice to go get my hair deep conditioned, get a spa pedicure and get a little more tan. That took all freakin' day and it was great! I barely got home in time to get ready for work, but I made it, albeit three minutes late. I took my position at the USCAN and just then someone comes up to congratulate me on the Customer Care position. YEAH ME! Later, a man comes through trying to steal some steaks and crab by putting bologna price stickers on his packages. BUSTED!!! I totally didn't even figure out what the hell he was doing until they started congratulating me on busting the creep and they let me know I would now be in a drawing to win an IPOD! COOL! I came home after midnight and decided, "What the heck, I will call and wake up my friend Melissa and see if maybe she can't sleep!" PROPS TO ME!!! Her husband was thinking he was fixing to get him some and she was saved by my bell. We talked until about 2:00 a.m. I consoled her about some friendships gone awry and we also got some things out in the open about our friendship. Got our apologies out and now everything is peachy keen. We made plans to go out Sunday, with Rachael and Kim C.

Sunday, I slept too late from staying up late talking to Melissa and missed church. I call Rachael to make sure we are still on and guess what, Rachael slept late and was SAVED BY MY BELL!! GO ME! We all agreed to meet at the mall where Rachael and I plan to salvage our realtionship with le Janet, who we missed on her visit to the GA from the big CA. I got to meet Kim C. for the first time and she rocked. Very sweet, very cute and very skinny. Rachael had to leave early to go pick up her own chillins and so Melissa, Kim C. and I continued on our quest for all things that smell great, via Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. (Just in case you're wondering, I so look just like that chic.) We came out smelling like french whores and I left Melissa and Kim C. and skipped over to Barnes and Noble where I picked up my copy of Bitter is the new Black by Jen Lancaster. So far, this is a very funny read and I would already recommend it, even though I only just finished chapter one.

So, now, here I sit, missing Grey's Anatomy, talking to you all about my weekend.. I am thinking I am fixing to go do what should have been done on Saturday, cleaning and laundry. I have loaded some new songs on the MP3, via Nichole Nordeman, and am ready to do my best Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Well, okay, Nichole is not exactly something you rock out to, but there are other songs on there too.

Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend with plenty of friends, crime fighting, shopping and pampering.