Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mommy love

Missing from picture: Nanny McPhee, given with love, by Emma.

These are my mother's day presents. First, the Mommy Fact Sheet. I attended Muffins for Mom with Jackson on May 18 where he presented me with this sheet. I don't know if you can see it, but he knows that I am six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. Smart boy. He knows that my hair is a multitude of colors, when it is wet, it is black, when it is dry, it is brown. (Technically, it is red). He also knew that my favorite drink is Coke. Sad, but true. Did you know that around the house, I watch the news and cook? (I only watch the news in the summer to watch for pending thunderstorms and I only cook, maybe twice a week). Hmmm, my favorite food is broccoli, which I also cook. I know that it would seem like favorite place to go would be to work because it seems that is always where I am at, but, oh sweet boy, you have no idea. I'm glad that I have fooled you so and that you think my life is full of fun. Again, my favorite T.V. show, he says, is the news. I did have my picture taken with one Ken Cook, local weather man last month though. Perhaps this could be where this perception came from. How funny and sweet to have something like that to keep forever and show his girlfriends.

Jackson also presented me with that flower, which says, "I planted this flower as a gift for you! To thank you for all the special things you do! Happy Mother's Day 2006" Jackson had missed school the day before Muffins for Mom and when he presented me with this flower and I was raving about how sweet and pretty it was, he said, "I didn't make that for you." It was in the tone of "I don't know where the hell this flower came from and I don't know why you are telling me what a good job I did on it. I think the muffins have gone to your brain or something." I said, "Jackson, yes you did, you just don't remember." He said, "No, mom, I didn't. I don't know what you are talking about." So, I had him kiss it, which would magically transfuse all of his love for me into the pot. It didn't work, as you can see, the flower is now dead. Apparently they had made them the day before and he missed it, so the teachers made his.

We also made that big pink "rose" flower together. I think it turned out lovely, don't you?

Now, on the Friday before Mother's day, we took out my mother and my grandmother and me to Johnny Carino's and ate and ate and ate. It was wondrous. We also have Family Movie Night on Friday Nights, so since Emma had a movie for me, they decided to go ahead and present me with my gifts, hers being Nanny McPhee. Loved it! Very cute movie with a good message. It kind of reminded me of Liminy Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Devin borrowed the movie now and is holding it for ransom until I give back her Moulin Rouge I borrowed three weeks ago, which is why it is not pictured.

The earrings to the left are mystic fire topaz that match a ring that Wade got for me two Mother's Days ago. The earrings were a gift from Jackson. This is significant because, when Jackson was just barely three, he for some reason got my ring and was playing with it in the bathroom while Dylan was pooping and somehow dropped it into the toilet just as Dylan was flushing. I had to replace it because it was gone and there was no rescuing it. So, it was appropriate that Jackson give me these earrings.

The candles, which Dylan informed me while my eyes were closed and my hands were out, that he got me a whole bunch of are in the scents of Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Shortbread, cotton Candy and Lemon Bars. They smell great. I am not good at guessing scents as we could tell when I tried to guess the scent of each one with my eyes closed and failed the test by 100%. Dylan has it right already, you can't go wrong with candles or anything from Bath and Body Works.

And the ring. Wade made the mistake of getting me jewelry two years in a row for Christmas and then two years in a row for Mother's Day, now he is stuck with me expecting it every year. I had mentioned to him that I was still in the need of a sapphire stone because...Well...I don't have any. I was surprised when he presented me with this though. I didn't think he would actually get me something like that. I love it and think it is absolutely gorgeous. Now I just need, an emerald, yellow topaz, peridot, amethyst.....

I love all my babies and the hubby, who treat me so sweetly. Thanks for the gifts and the memories.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Hope you had a good one.



Anonymous said...

Are you really 6 feet tall?

Malia said...

No, but my friend Rachael is...

Anonymous said...

:-) That's me. I swear, I need a shirt that just says it... or, a friend like Malia who is willing to advertise me at my side allll the time.

I love & miss you! :-)


LocuTus of Borg said...

That is wonderful! All of those things have such an important meaning and your explanation of them is fantastic. Happy belated Mother's Day :)

Janet said...

I want to see Nanny McPhee. Looks so cute.

We just got a Johnny Carinos. YUM!

Anonymous said...

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