Monday, May 01, 2006

A Whirlwind Weekend...

What a weekend! I can't believe I packed so much into one weekend, didn't feel rushed and I even worked one of the weekend days. I wish every weekend could be so nice. First, the weather was great, though today was slightly windy, okay, it totally messed up my hair, but I am trying to make this a positive post.

I had to work both Friday and Saturday until midnight, but plus side, on Friday I got paid and found out that I was being moved up in my Kroger world. Woohoo!!! Oh yeah, at my other job, I put in for a raise and should know tomorrow if that is approved. I have lunch with the big boss man tomorrow.

Saturday, I didn't have to be at work until 5, so I left Emma and Jackson with mom and went to take care of some pampering sans chillins. Wade had taken Dylan to the air show, so I thought it would be nice to go get my hair deep conditioned, get a spa pedicure and get a little more tan. That took all freakin' day and it was great! I barely got home in time to get ready for work, but I made it, albeit three minutes late. I took my position at the USCAN and just then someone comes up to congratulate me on the Customer Care position. YEAH ME! Later, a man comes through trying to steal some steaks and crab by putting bologna price stickers on his packages. BUSTED!!! I totally didn't even figure out what the hell he was doing until they started congratulating me on busting the creep and they let me know I would now be in a drawing to win an IPOD! COOL! I came home after midnight and decided, "What the heck, I will call and wake up my friend Melissa and see if maybe she can't sleep!" PROPS TO ME!!! Her husband was thinking he was fixing to get him some and she was saved by my bell. We talked until about 2:00 a.m. I consoled her about some friendships gone awry and we also got some things out in the open about our friendship. Got our apologies out and now everything is peachy keen. We made plans to go out Sunday, with Rachael and Kim C.

Sunday, I slept too late from staying up late talking to Melissa and missed church. I call Rachael to make sure we are still on and guess what, Rachael slept late and was SAVED BY MY BELL!! GO ME! We all agreed to meet at the mall where Rachael and I plan to salvage our realtionship with le Janet, who we missed on her visit to the GA from the big CA. I got to meet Kim C. for the first time and she rocked. Very sweet, very cute and very skinny. Rachael had to leave early to go pick up her own chillins and so Melissa, Kim C. and I continued on our quest for all things that smell great, via Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. (Just in case you're wondering, I so look just like that chic.) We came out smelling like french whores and I left Melissa and Kim C. and skipped over to Barnes and Noble where I picked up my copy of Bitter is the new Black by Jen Lancaster. So far, this is a very funny read and I would already recommend it, even though I only just finished chapter one.

So, now, here I sit, missing Grey's Anatomy, talking to you all about my weekend.. I am thinking I am fixing to go do what should have been done on Saturday, cleaning and laundry. I have loaded some new songs on the MP3, via Nichole Nordeman, and am ready to do my best Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Well, okay, Nichole is not exactly something you rock out to, but there are other songs on there too.

Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend with plenty of friends, crime fighting, shopping and pampering.



Anonymous said...

Yay, Malia. I heart you! :-) I can't wait to send our package.


Janet said...

Busy weekend! Sorry we couldn't meet up. If the robot wins next year and we are coming back to Nationals I will ABSOLUTELY fly out a few days early so we can meet up and go to Savannah! Sounds fabulous. And, of course, I would love it if you came to California--so look for cheap flights. :o)