Thursday, April 27, 2006


We have this little thing in the blogger world called HNT or Half Nekkid Thursday. Some are more risque than others and some are just plain pretty. You can film your nose, your toes or maybe your leg halfway in some panthose. It doesn't matter what you shoot, just so long as you are comfortable with your loot. So, without further adeua, here is my first HNT for this particular blog. Hope you like it and hope you join in. Go visit Osbasso and meet the man who invented it.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Results Show--6

The results are in...and Kelly Pickler was sent home. Sorry LOB, but Elliott did not get sent home. I get to enjoy his voice for another show.

There is a website,, that supposedly predicts who will be kicked off each week. It has had an 83% accuracy rate so far. It had predicted that Kelly and Paris would be in the bottom two, but that Paris would be gone tonight. Unfortunately, it was wrong this time. I want Paris gone so bad, but I am still not disappointed by the fact that Pickler is gone. Next week, I am rootin' for Paris to be gone. She is my new vendetta.


Potty Training...Again

Pairs of panties soiled: 5

Number of times taken to the potty by mom: 7

Number of times taken to the potty by dad: 0

Number of cleanups on aisle 2 by mom: 3

Number of times in the potty: 0

Mom: 0 Emma: 1

Jackson the Sensitive

My son Jackson, is a sensitive one. He is very intuitive when it comes to things like, sitting in a funeral procession, talking about someone who died, creepy things like that. He always wants to know what happened to the person in the hurse, how the person died that you are talking about, etc. He also seems to be afraid of death. Of course, who wouldn't be at that age, but I mean, he wants to talk about it, but then he gets upset with worry about when he will die or when I will die.

My husband, on the other hand, some would call morbid. He thinks it is "cool" to go on websites like and see some of the disgusting pictures. He will threaten to slit your throat and watch die, sweet things like that. Now, he wouldn't hurt a fly, but he just likes to make you think he will. I think it is mostly for the shock factor and to see your reaction.

So, Jackson and Wade began having this conversation on the way home from church on Sunday.

Jackson: "Dad, do zombies really come out of the grave at night and come alive?"

Dad: "No."

Jackson: "Yeah, well, Dad, when I die and you are still alive and you come to the place where dead people are and you put your hand on my grave, I am going to reach up and grab you."

Dad: Looking at me in a surprise, scared, freaked, where did this conversation come from look and me looking back at him the same way, "Okay, Gage."

Morbid, I know.


American Idol

Yes, I am an avid American Idol watcher. I have watched from day one, back in the beginning when Kelly Clarkson won. Look what it did to her, so I thought, this is good t.v.

I watched when Ruben won. Where did he go? Anybody seen Ruben?

I watched when Fantasia won. Has anyone seen her?

You know I watched when Carrie won because I had to push for my old schoolmate, and yes, old boyfriend, Bo Bice. Now, Carrie I have seen around and I finally heard Bo on the radio last week. I am not impressed with his first single. I have heard it live and it sucks, in my opinion. By the way, did anyone read that unfortunate story about him trying to beat up some old football player in a bar? He lost....

So, now, I am watching to see who will win this season. Ya'll, all these people are really good. I am really struggling to pick a favorite. First, my favoriate was Kevin Covais. Kevin Covais?!!! Yes, Kevin...Covais. He had a great voice, you can't deny that. The thing about Kevin was that he looked like my son will look 10 years from now. As a matter of fact, we would all rush to the t.v., not to watch Kevin, but to watch Dylan. I can't tell you the number of times I cried watching him because I got so invested in him. I wish him all the luck and his CD will be in my CD case as soon as it comes out. He still has my vote.

Now, I LOVE Taylor, the silver-haired fox. I love his presentation and soul that he puts into each performance.

I like Elliott, like they said, I think he has a great soul, and I love his voice, but I am just bored by him for some reason. I don't remember him from week to week.

Paris, I reeeeaaalllyyy don't like her. I don't know what it is. She is from Georgia, so I should totally be rooting for her, but I just can't stand her. I think it is her persona. She seems to act as though she knows she's good and she should soar through this competition. Part of it is that she has famous family, so she could have gotten into the business without American Idol, so let someone else have her spot that doesn't have those connections. Reaaaalllly don't like her. I do like her voice though.

Kelly Pickler! Oh my gosh!!!! I loved her in the beginning....before I heard her talk a lot. Her stupidness has got to be an act. It has got to! I also think that she sings very nasaly. Don't like her anymore.

Katherine McPhee has definately given me McPhever. Love her, love her, love her. She has got the prettiest hair, cheekbones and lips. Her father is too cute with his crying every time he hears her sing. She has done very well each time. Love her and I think I want her in the top three.

Chris Daughtry is the one to beat in my opinion. He has done awesomely. He is absolutely sexy. I have heard though, that he is a DIVA and is a pain in the ass. Who knows.

So, now you know how I feel about each of them. My final thought is that the top three will be Taylor, Katherine and Chris although Elliott, Paris and Kelly are good too. I think Kelly is going home tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see.

Are you watching? What are your thoughts on each of them? Who do you think is going home tomorrow?


!!!Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Rachael!!! Rachael is a friend of mine, a single mom to two wonderful girls, who has done a phenominal job. She is very crafty, a paper queen, creative, tall, gorgeous with porcelin skin, busy, pushed for time, smart, funny, friendly, has rock star hair, a good heart, loves Jesus and does a great job juggling every day tasks and her girls. Basically, she deserves to be celebrated today. Everyone leave a comment for Rachael and wish the girl a good and happy birthday. As a matter of fact, visit her often, I forgot to mention, she is an awesome writer.



Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Beginnings.....

for a lot of things in this life of mine. A new job, new house and a new outlook on life. Some of the old have stayed...old friends, old, worn out husband (j/k), old job and you know HNT will be here.

I find it ironic that my old blog "died" the same time all these changes happened in my life. Like a new chapter. Hopefully, a happier chapter with a happy ending.

In the past year, I have been doing a little cleaning out of the stuff and yes, people, I don't need in my life. There were a lot of toxins and I have taken some new drugs. Some were not receptive to the change and didn't understand, but others stuck by me and supported me and are still with me today. I appreciate those who did.

So, here is to a new beginning, glad you are here, walking the journey beside me....