Monday, June 12, 2006

I Told You More Went on in My Life than HNT

So, it is official....I am getting the same man...the one I never divorced.....a renewal of the vows, but with an actual wedding....

Okay...a little history...when we were engaged we found a great deal on a house, we were shamed into thinking we could not get the house and live together without being married.....we didn't want to let the house get away, so we went to the JP. No wedding for the only daughter.

Fast forward---Mom says, "We will throw you a wedding anyways."

Me, "Okay, cool."

Fast forward---My mom has a boyfriend, who stays at her house over night and practically lives with her. She is then engaged to be married for the third time. She begins to plan....her wedding. I help.

There was discussion with my grandmother, "You deserve to have a wedding, I mean, this is her third, she doesn't NEED another wedding."

Me, "Yeah, I know."

Fast forward---My new stepsister---comes home, "I'm getting married." She had lived with this boy in North Carolina for quite some time.

My mom, "Oh yea! Here, let's start planning a wedding. I have all the books from when Malia was engaged!"

Me, "Oh yea, this will be fun. I will help plan. Malia, yours is next." Later, I cry at the wedding.

Fast forward---The stepsister gets divorced, comes home and lives with mom and Pappy for a while, then finds a new man. She moves in with new man. Comes home about six months later and says, "Guess what, I am getting married!"

Mom says, "Oh yeah, Let's get the books out again and start planning. Malia, you're next."

Me, "Yeah, okay." Less planning by me this time, a lot less, cause I don't care for the girl, but that's another story for another day. I don't attend that wedding because I don't support the marriage or her.

Fast forward--My brother, who has been living with his girlfriend for a year finally decides he is going to get married. He is the favorite of the family.

Mom says, "Yea! Let's get out the books and I'll help you plan. Malia, I swear you're next, maybe for your five year anniversary. You have had kids and everything." She throws them an elaborate reception and I help, a lot....because I love him and want to see him happy.

Me, "Yeah, okay." I attend the wedding, but I don't pay much attention because I am attending to baby Emma.

Fast Forward--The other stepsister, who actually still lives at home, says, "I'm getting married."

Mom says, "Yea! Let's pull out all the books, I'll help you plan! Malia, only one more after her has to get married, then it is your turn."

Me, "Yeah, okay. I know now that this is never going to happen. I cry at weddings because I didn't have one, not because I am happy for the couple."

I help decorate and plan and have fun with it. I cry at the wedding.

So, a couple of years go by, the older stepsister is talking about marriage one listens....

Me and the hubby just celebrated our ninth anniversary. For a gift, my mother hands me a wedding gift bag. I open it and there is a bridal magazine inside.

Me, "What's this for?" I knew, but I didn't choose to believe it.

Mom, "We are giving you a wedding. It will be next year on your tenth."

Me, "Seriously this time?"

Mom, "Seriously."



Anonymous said...

And I am the most excited person besides Malia, Wade and her whole family. Okay - so, I am the most excited FRIEND. There. That's better. Malia + Wade. I love it!! :-)


LocuTus of Borg said...

That is totally awesome!! Congrats again on the "new" engagement :)