Saturday, June 17, 2006

Guess. Who. I. Met!

Tonight, tonight at my store, guess. who. I. waited. on. Patty Loveless. Do you know who she is? She is only one of the greatest and best country singers ever. Thing is, I think I have seen her many times before in our store, but didn't really notice until tonight. So, here is the story. First let me note that I was way braver than my friend Rachael, who when she saw Julia Roberts in her store, yes, more known, but still, she didn't speak to her, nor did she touch her. Love ya, Rach, but I did better! So, here is what happened. This sweet looking housewife type came up to my desk and said that she wanted to exchange some orange soda that her husband had bought, but that it was the wrong kind. I told her to go get what she wanted so that I could exchange it out in the computer. I told her she could just stop back by after she did her shopping. She laughed and said she didn't have anymore shopping to do, that was it. She turned and went away. I thought, "She looks like Patty Loveless." I went on about my business.

I waited on a few customers and by that time, I had decided that she was indeed Patty Loveless and I remember that she lived in this county and it was a possibility, but I wanted to get a good look at her again.

Mrs. Loveless came up to someone else next to my desk and I quickly made her come to me with a, "I got her. Over here." She came over and I erxplaned that for inventory reasons I had to change everything out in the computer and I was sorry for the inconvenience." She said that was fine and explained again about her husband buying the wrong kind and also said that we did not have the kind that she had wanted.

Now, when you return something, they have to fill out a slip with the reason they are returning it and their CUSTOMER INFORMATION. I could see that she was struggling with it. By this time, I had decided that I was going to ask her if she was indeed Patty Loveless because I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to meet the most popular celebrity I had ever had the chance to lay eyes on. So once she signed her name, "Patty and then her married last name"

I tapped her little hand and I said, "You know who you look like?"

She gave her famous smirk and said, "Who?"

I said, "You look like Patty Loveless."

She smiled and smirked again and said, "You have a good eye."

I said, "It is very nice to meet you."

She said, "And your name is Malia?" She bent down closer to check out the name tag.

I said, "Yes m'am." (Oh My Gosh, she just said my name!)

We said goodbye and she then turned and walked away. I was playing all cool and collected and as she was leaving she turned around and said something to me, but it was illegible and she laughed. I figure she was talking about the way she looked or telling me not to tell anyone or something. I don't know. I think she looked great, like one of us. She was very sweet, very normal and very housewife.

The drinks that she returned...yeah, I bought them.



Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWWW!!! I am SO SO proud of you!! :-) YAY!


robin thackston said...

"you go girl!"
i only hope when you meet Travis, you don't make a complete FOOL or yourself like you know I did! "That" not my chose of station, okay, and I had N O idea who this short fellow was I am chatting with in the post office! N>O> none...idea. When I got home fr the PO, my ph was ringing off the hook..."don't you know who that was'?!" "what..?"
"Oh. You've got to be kidding."
He reconized me...imagine that...and beap-beaps when I'm outside in the iris bed...(SaddleBags on the bike read "TT" or at the redlight at 360/92, he did acknowledge me....)
So any Paulding County old way...HipHip Hurray for you!
Color my neck, yours and Rachael's red! love ya mimi

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Patty is hot. Were you like digging her and stuff? LOL.

Byrdnest said...

Dang... she would have had me at "hello."