Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Day at the Park

I joined Wade and the children at the park, usually Wade takes them while I am at work, so they showed me the ropes. We had initially gone to the Park of Dreams where Dylan proceeded to pitch a fit about sliding down the pole. See...he is not one to take risks. He is very level-headed and just takes things in stride and walks a straight line. So, it just is not logical to him to throw yourself onto a pole and plunge to the ground. Meanwhile Jackson takes a running jump onto the pole and plummets to the earth. I spent about five minutes with Dylan trying to force him down the pole. I gave up, but was determined that he was not going to. So then, Wade took over. I heard a lot of arguing, a lot of screaming (from Dylan) and a lot of yelling (from Wade). Finally, he went down the pole. Then there was a lot of "you did goods", "we're proud of yous" and such and such and so on....

Then....they all circle around me and want to show me a new park. "Okay", ...So, we begin to walk, and walk and walk and walk. My cute sandals were rubbing blisters on my big toe and I was starting to get dizzy. Finally, we come to a teeny, tiny little contraption of a park and the children start running everywhere saying, "Look mom, here it is!" "This is it, huh?" Wade then begins to make fun of all of my complaining. It was a lot of fun though. They got to see me run, which they find funny. We played hide and seek, freeze tag and Wade and Emma played "Catch me daddy". That's the one where he chases her and she acts all scared. I was glad I got to go and that they invited me.

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