Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No He Didn't....

See this man? I know, it is not a good picture, but I didn't want him to know that I was taking his picture, you know, like I was making fun of him on my blog. Let me set this up...Wade and I are sitting at the QT. We are sitting there discussing what he is going to get me to drink and we see this strange man walking up the sidewalk. Now, there is a QT employee and his girlfriend standing on the sidewalk talking while he is washing it off. We both noticed the man. We look him up and down. He has on a white page boy hat, a red 70s style western shirt with white detail and then....then, as you move on down, he has on short, like to the bottom of his booty cheek, chrocheted pink, orange and yellow shorts....that's right, crocheted. shorts. Not only that...but, you could see his wad. HIS WAD! As if that wasn't bad enough, yes, there is more, you move on down his body and he has matching crocheted socks with black sandals on. was over 90 degrees that day. Now, around his crocheted shorts, and I believe you can see the two liter bottle in the picture above, he has a tool belt. The tool belt holds various items, a two liter soda, some pens, some tape, etc. I have now seen everything! The QT employee and I look up at each other and he shakes his head as I laugh. We wait for the man to come back out of the store, just so that I can take his picture to show you.

We have quite a few characters in our small town, there is Ms. Jessie, the crazy black lady in Hiram with her buggy, tamborine and stick. She likes to point and preach/cuss/yell at you as you drive by. I fear for her life. There is the Danicing Man seen in Dallas and Hiram with his IPOD on, always dancing and I mean getting it! There is Preacher Man, he comes into Kroger at least three nights a week always preaching about Jesus and how Kroger is going to Hell. I guess he is spreading the word and that is all that matters. Now we have The Walking Man, he in his crocheted shorts, whom I have now also seen in my store, wearing the same ensemble. He is seen in Dallas. People, don't drink the water here.


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LocuTus of Borg said...

Ok yes that is just wrong.

Just wrong.

Doesn't anyone look in the mirror before they go outside.