Wednesday, July 12, 2006


(The F word is going to be used just a little in this post....sorry ahead of time.)

You are not going to believe this. I actually started this post prepared to tell you that my car was broken...AGAIN. We had just spent $1360.00 on the car to have a head gasket replaced for the SECOND time in a two years. I then had to take it back because after they had torn it to peices and rebuilt it, it was idling funny. They decided it needed a new battery. I went and spent another $53.99 on a battery, but that didn't fix the problem, so I took it back a third time. They then told me that I needed to let it run at the same speed for at least 10 miles and this would reset the battery and also that I needed to add some fuel injection stuff. Did that. It runs better, but not like before. So, Sunday, after church, we headed to Super' Target' to buy some prayer journals. About the time we reached our destination, the car started running hot again. Now, when I first took it to them, I asked them to figure out what was making the car run hot and causing the head gasket to blow. I am thinking now that obviously they did not do their job. So yesterday, I took it across the street to the grocery store and it started running hot again, so I took it straight to the shop, left it running and took Emma and I inside and explained the situation. He said that they would look at it immediately. A few minutes later he comes out and tells me the head gasket may be blown again and that I should not have run it hot. Basically, he was getting onto me for something I didn't feel I had done. When it ran hot, not in the red, just hotter than normal, we took it straight home and I did not drive it again. He basically continued to blame me until he made me cry. I went outside and called my stepfather who knows cars better than I and about that time Wade showed up. A much nicer man then came out and explained the situation to us. He explained that the water pump was now leaking, which was a direct result of running the vehicle hot. I got a little bit hot myself then and told him again that I DID NOT run the damn car hot. He begins to explain that when it ran hot the first time, the damage was done because it can weaken the bolts, belts, blah, blah, blah, blah. My thinking is that if you know that it can happen, why didn't they check them to see if they had been weakened. Anyways, I was probably their worst nightmare, a blubbering girl who was in hysterics with her daughter who wouldn't shut up! So, my stepdad said, "Yeah, their right, it is probably the water pump!" The mechanic did tell me that the head gasket was not blown, they didn't think." Well, halleluah for freakin' small miracles!!!

So, that is what I was planning to blog to you about, but Wade just called and tells me that I am going to hear some news that I am not going to like. I am thinking, "What? Did someone die?" No, guess who's FUCKING water pump has gone out in his car?! UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I have no fucking money for this shit. So here I am, blubbering like an idiot again with my mom telling me that this is just life and it will all be okay! YEAH, WELL FUCK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Make a copy of this letter and send it to the Better Business Bureau in your are reporting the company and what you feel is inappropriate, wrong and unjust about their treatment of you and the work on your car.
I would also call the company/mechanic shop to tell them exactly what you intend on doing and that you expect them to fully repair the damage that was done by their lack of work and responsibility. You need to say this in a very upfront, firm (even a little aggressively) and let them know that they are not going to get away with taking advantage of you and your vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Make sure that they understand that you are NOT going to shell out any more money to them for it either.

Zack Lees said...

Let me take a wild stab... do you drive a Chrysler product?

LocuTus of Borg said...

You should visit MGs and TGs blog for Fuck You Friday - sounds like you could use it. Cars just suck ass. I got a lease knowing the fact that I did not have do any type of repairs, then the fucking trainy goes out and they make me pay for it. Not covered under warranty. Needless to say that I am not going to be buying a Ford .. ever again. Good luck on the car Malia - sorry to hear about that again :(.