Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Teaches Life Lessons

Dylan and I had the pleasure of each other's company while watching Idol Gives Back. We were watching a segment on some children in Africa whose parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, had all died from AIDS. They had no one. The children left behind were from ages 2 to 16. There were five of them. Annie Lennox broke down and just cried. As they were asking us to pledge money Dylan asked a very important question:

Dylan: How do you decide who gets the money?

Me: I don't know how they decide. There is not enough to go around, but that is why they are asking everyone to donate.

Dylan: But that's not fair. So many children need help.

Dylan learned life lesson, no. 28. Sometimes, no matter how much money you give, no matter how sad you are about it, no matter how much it may make you can't help everyone.

Me: That feeling in your heart, where it is kind of hard to breathe and it feels like it is breaking, your throat kind of hurts because there is a lump in it.... because you know that those children may not get help and may die....that is compassion....and that is one of the most important gifts to receive.


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Rachael said...

Dylan breaks my heart. I love him.