Friday, June 20, 2008

I've Been Away!

Have you missed me? You have, because you have told me so. Sorry, I just haven't been....inspired! We have been up to a few things, such as the Georgia Rennaisance Festival, dance recitals, gymnastics, cheerleading (notice nothing for the boys here) and oh yeah, working! It seems it is all we do. I am now on a 10-day vacation and we will be traveling to Chattanooga for Jackson's birthday. My birthday is in there somewhere, but since Jackson's sweet birth, it is no longer recognized. Perhaps I will get a post in here somewhere in these 10 days, and who knows, perhaps I will be inspired to continue on afterwards. Let's just see where my thoughts take me. Here is a little picture to tickle your eyelashes.


1 comment:

zandria said...

It HAS been a while since you've updated! Nice to hear from you again. :)