Thursday, April 03, 2008

In the End, the Animals Will Eat

Me: Jackson, please turn off the light in the sunroom.(Said with much disgust because I don't understand why turning off a light is such a hard concept to get!)

Jackson: Why do you always tell us to turn lights off?

Me: Because it uses up energy and we need energy to run the Earth.

Dylan: We are running out of oil, kinda sorta...I think.

Me: Yep, you are right.

Jackson: What happens if the Earth stops running?

Me: (Oh crap!)

Dylan: Every one will die, except for the animals because they will eat our rotting flesh and....


Dylan: Oh, sorry...well, it's true....there, now you have something to blog about.

Me: True.

Jackson: I don't like Dylan very much.



Slice of Pink said...

Conversations with kids can be very informative!

Rachael said...

WHOA! Did someone just say ROTTING FLESH? I am totally having nightmares tonight.