Friday, January 12, 2007


We have picked our place to honeymoon. It's not too far from home and it is definitely southern, ya know, to go along with the theme of the renewal. Savannah, Georgia. Home of humidity, hauntings and Paula Deen. I am almost more excited about going to Savannah than I am of the whole renewal. Do you know that Wade and I, in all our 10 years, have never been on a vacation together...alone? We had our honeymoon night in a hotel in Atlanta, but that was it. The Savannah sock has been placed in a safe place in our home and money is being socked away in it weekly.

Since I am planning everything else, I thought I would be generous enough to allow Wade to pick his top choices from a myriad of inns in Savannah. Then I went and researched all of their packages and prices and this is the one he finally chose as our place to stay. The Olde Harbour Inn---Oh shoot, something is wrong with the It just doesn't look as pretty that way. Anyways, tell me what you think. If you have ever been to Savannah, let me know where to eat and what attracations we should see. You know we are going to go visit 'ol Paula.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Anything new?

zandria said...

Sounds like fun, you non-blog updater! You and your hubby seriously need to go on a vacation by yourselves. :)

Anonymous said...

Give us an update!