Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kitchen Konversations Episode 1

Emma loves to "help" me do the dishes, which I am sure will be a blessing one day, but for now, I love the conversation...

After going outside to feed Booboo with a clean dog bowl, I found that my darling, sweet husband had fed him the night before...with my corningware dish.

Me: Emma, can you believe that your daddy used my corningware dish to feed Booboo last night?

Emma: Ummm...yes!

(Now that I think about it, me too!)

After the dishes were done and the sink was clean, I turned off the water, because, we are in a water crisis here in GA ya know.

Emma: What did you turn the water off for?!

Me: Because the dishes are done, we are finished!

Emma: Well, that is just because you are being mean!

Me: Because I finished the dishes?

Emma: Yes!

(I guess this means I shouldn't do dishes anymore, oh well.)


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