Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Vacation Part 1

As part of our summer vacation we went as a family on a Riverboat Cruise. Little did we know, Jackson is afraid of boats. Who knew?

Jackson absolutely REFUSING to get on the boat. We even tried to pull him onto the boat. Did you know they could use him as an anchor for the boat because the kid has lead for bones. Didn't budge.

I finally talked to the captain of the boat and got Jackson a life jacket. He finally agreed to get on the boat.

I begged Jackson to smile for this pictue. Notice the life jacket. We were at the top of the boat and had not started moving yet. He still was not liking it.

One more picture please Jackson. The jacket is still there.

Now, before you know it, that Jackson, he was having fun. He was noticing the blue Herons, the mountains, the other boats. He could see the aquarium from the river. The boat would toot it's horn. He realized, "hey, maybe this boat is not going to sink after all."

Hey Grandma, I love this boat! Can we go again?!


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