Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Know He's There

Yesterday, Emma and I were the only ones that made it to church....(I didn't force any of the men in my household to go because I was trying to let guilt do it's work)...(it didn't).

After church, since she did so well, I thought we would have a little girl time, so I took us out to lunch at the local Mexican restaurant. We ate, shared cheese dip (there was even some left, obviously because there were no boys there, I shared some of my lunch, she shared some of her cheese pizza with me, complete with little teeth marks, which she swore were mine???

She and the boys had gone to the new museum in Cartersville the day before, so I asked her about all of the things that she saw there. She talked about dinosaur bones and rocks, she saw her birthstone and some bones that were super tall, bigger than her even, but "you couldn't touch them". After a lot of talk about bones and rocks, I asked her if there was anything else she saw, you know, something girly, like flowers or butterflies.

Emma: No. Nope, there weren't any flowers.

Me: Well, what else was there? (Acting disgusted at such things as bones and rocks)

Emma: Weeellll, we went into this place where we had to go in and lay down and look up and it shone purple on us.

Me: Oh, the stars were shining on you?

Emma: No. It wasn't the stars. He was talking about space.

Me: Who was talking about space?

Emma: God.

Me: (Puzzled) God?

Emma: Yeah, I couldn't see Him, but I could hear Him and he was talking to us, so it had to be God.


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