Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Kitchen Project

Alright, is the kitchen now...Let me tell you the problem areas in this's small...and to add to the smallness, there is an island in the middle of the kitchen that we all dance around. I could take the island out, but I lose counter space.

Ventilation. Big problem. It gets hot in here quick. We can't keep the back door open all the time. I do love the light this door gives off.

It's hot!!! You see that stove? Barely, but I think you can see a corner of it. It's a gas stove. The oven is off 75 degrees. The gas eyes do not understand high or low and you certainly should not ask it to set on medium. If the stove is used in this enclosed kitchen you might as well just open the oven door and turn the heat to broil! My poor friends that I try to entertain have to wear layers of clothes to my house. When they step into the kitchen, they start peeling them off. Men, that is your cue to come to my house when I am cooking. I have a lot of pretty friends.

Also, to open it up, I have toyed with the idea of taking out the wall that you see with the pink kitchen aide Mixer on it. If I knocked this out, the dining room is directly on the other side and would really open it up. Don't know if the FIL is willing to let me go that far, but it is worth a shot. Then I would lose counter space also, but it is not as if I used that counter to prepare meals, it is mostly used for storage.

That is the door out of the kitchen, into the dining room. This is the one cabinet that is open. I wouldn't mind putting frosted glass in the cabinets with some lights in the cabinets. I have seen that done on Trading Spaces. I would rather not have one cabinet open and one cabinet not.

I already know that I am going to put hardwood down. Believe it or not, I had a kitchen with carpet in it at one point. Ridiculous.

Next, light. You see those two globes. They are frosted and dim. I believe we have 60 watt bulbs in them, but it doesn't matter. There is still no light in here. Also, that fan. It has got to go. I am all for a fan in the kitchen, but it has to be updated! I would love to mount some kind of lights under the counters, nothing real bright, just something GIVE ME LIGHT!!! Also, with the glassware, that I plan to use, I think it would be pretty.

Here is the dishes I know I want to decorate with, but I can't decide, one color, two colors, all three? This is Tiara Glassware made by the Indiana Glassware company. It was sold from the 70's until 99, just like Tupperware. The ruby red is my favorite, but it is rare and more expensive. Next would be the cobalt blue, which I would prefer in the kitchen if I was to use only one color. Next is the emerald. I am thinking I may use the ruby in the living room...and that my friends, is a whole nother post.

That yellow/beige color is what I am thinking of painting the walls. This is a Tiffany style chandelier that hangs currently in the dining room. I love it!!! If we open the kitchen up, this will tie in nicely and I can keep it. If we don't open the kitchen up, this will tie in nicely and I can keep it... :) Currently, as you can see, the kitchen is painted a sea foam green...or robin's egg...or vomit, as my sister calls the color, apparently she doesn't like it. You say tomato, I say tomato. Judy, my mother-in-law, had some paint chips placed up on the wall for as long as I can remember, orange and yellow, as in the primary colors. I just don't think those colors are going to work with my jewel tone glassware, do you?

While I have picked apart the things that I do not like about this kitchen, I also love this kitchen for the following reasons...we dance around the island, the back door is always open with friends and family meandering in and out to the big back porch, my MIL's recipe's are held here, her cooking utensils reside here, she cooked here. It was her favorite place to be.

The good thing about renovating her kitchen...I will still get to use those recipes. I will still get to use her cookbooks. I will still get to use her utensils. She is still going to be dancing all around that kitchen with me.