Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Definitely Belated Halloween--2006

Why do you see a Jack-o-lantern at the top of your screen in the middle of March? Because I have a life and it doesn't always include updating my blog. I really would like to work on this problem though. I think this could be the most belated post in history. I also think I officially have no readers left, except for Will and the occasional Zandria. Then there is that anonymous poster....For Halloween this year....scratch that (how do ya'll do that scratch out thing?) last year, my three angels were....Dylan (ninja, as always).....Jackson (Batman)....and Emma (a witch). She has yet to be something pretty and sweet for Halloween. No princesses and fairies here, no sir. Just stop by and tell me how cute they were!!!

Long hair, fake lashes, green face, broom and all. She is in NO WAY a witch!!!! Just look at that angel!

Now, who is THAT handsome devil?

Always the nimble ninja!

I think this is the third Halloween in a row that he has been a ninja, but, you know what, he is the most handsome ninja I know!

The Batman, the Witch and the Ninja---Coming to theatres soon!


zandria said...

Hee! Maybe you'd have more readers if you updated more often! :)

At least Google Reader makes it easy for me to know when you've updated. I love that service. :)

Christi said...

Sorry, but that Batman sure does look an awful lot like Darth Vader. :0)