Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thank Heaven for Big Brothers

Not long ago, we were all fixing to eat supper and we were all discussing who was going to say the blessing that particular evening. We all decided it was Jackson's turn to say the blessing, so we all bow our heads and listen. .....he thanks God for the trees, the house, our beds, etc. As we tune into Jackson's voice, we keep hearing this little distracting whisper. Wade and I break the rules and open our eyes and lift our heads and look at each other. We realize it is coming from Dylan's direction and change our focus to his voice, instead of Jackson's. As Jackson is now on "thank you for the animals, thank you for the car, thank you for my toys....Dylan is diligently tring to remind him under his breath....."Thank you for my brother....thank you for my brother....thank you for my brother!"
Thank you God for both of those precious boys.
God Bless,

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