Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cabbage Patch Hospital Vol. 1

A week ago Emma, my mother-in-law, Judy and I went on a short trip to Cleveland Georgia to the Cabbage Patch Kid Hospital. This is a trip that should have only been a half-day trip, but turned into a full day and night trip. We ran into many obstacles, but had fun nonetheless. The first obstacle was realizing that, "Hey, I have already seen that road once, and that house....and those mountains! How am I now heading back home?!" Next was when we turned into a driveway to turn around and head back in the correct direction, the car began to smoke and smell. Here we are two women with a little girl who has her heart set on seeing the Cabbage Patch Hospital, stuck on the top of a mountain, somewhere in North Georgia, not sure which road we were on, with a smoking car. After five hours, we finally made it to the Cabbage Patch Hospital and as soon as we get out of the car, Emma announces that she needs to go to the bathroom, but we didn't make it. I guess Cheetos and Jones Candy Corn Soda are not a good combination. More positive pictures to follow.


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