Friday, October 12, 2007


I have fallen in love with a, it is not Paris, London or even San Francisco, but a city right here in Georgia. Savannah. I think about her at least once a day and feel so blessed to have been able to go to this city. I have gotten my husband to agree that we will go for a long weekend to Savannah at least once a year. It was my pick for vacation again this year, but alas, Tennessee was picked. Here is me walking through City Market, which is one of the blocks between the many squares of Savannah, which has craft stores, food venues, and not to forget horse and buggy waiting to take you on tour. Watch out for the horse droppings. This was an early morning of Wade and I searching for the Lady and Sons restaurant. We went around and around in a circle looking for it and finally, after very mucy aggravation that you can begin to see on my face, it was found.


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