Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dream a dreamer. I dream of the nice camera that I will one day hold in my hot little hands. I dream of the beautiful pictures I will take. I dream that my phone will ring off the hook with people only wanting me to take their priceless photographs......but, for now, it is only a dream, which is exactly what I realized one day while driving Emma home from dance class.

I was dreaming of Savannah, naturally,... and Emma in her wedding dress standing below the oaks of Wormsloe Plantation, her hourglass frame perfectly curved, mimicking the spanish moss and it would be my keen eye that would capture the most fabulous wedding pictures EVER!!! Then I remembered, I will be close to dead before I can afford the kind of camera I want. Emma will at that point have four children, one of which will have children of their own, Emma's figure will be shot to hell and her beautiful golden hair will be a wirey thank God, I found Vanessa, or so I thought.

Can you picture it?

"Emma, when you get married, me and you are going to go to Savannah and I am going to bring Vanessa and we are going to shoot you 'below the oaks of Wormsloe Plantation' because you are going to be the most beautiful bride and I just can't wait!!! Okay!"

"Ummmm, Okay...but, I already told you, .... I'm not getting married."

"What!!! You have to!!! I have to have more little Emma's around and the only way that is going to happen is if you have them!!!!"

"Ummmm, okay, but I am not having any babies either."

"Ugh!! You know what, fine!!! But you will go to Savannah! And you will wear a white dress 'below the oaks of Worsloe Plantation' and you will let Vanessa shoot you!!! Because you will be the most beautiful giRL IN WHITE THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN AND I WANT PICTURES OF IT!!! OKAY!!!!"

"Ummmm, ..... okay."

See, Vanessa is really good at this and she HAS already agreed to it.

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