Sunday, November 22, 2009



Emma comes up and hugs me, as she always does when I am sad.

"Moooom" (It's the same way she says it when she catches me crying while watching General Hospital, you know, like I'm a dork or something.)

"Mommmm, stop"

"Well, I'm just sad. Why can't you just stay a baby? Why? Can't you just stay a baby?" (sniff, sniff)

"Noooo!!! I'm not magic!" (Duh!) "Maybe you can die and I can die...(Emma!!! Don't say things like that!)..."Well, Jesus can just bring us back to life and you and me both can be babies again. Would that be okay and not make you sad?"

" know what, let's go to Target and buy you some bigger clothes. You're gonna have a lot of growing to do."

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