Monday, July 30, 2007

Ass Up, Nose Down

Emma is obsessed with the smell of the floors. Let me back up. Emma loves to clean. While I know this is a great trait for my daughter to have, it does get annoying when she always wants to help, and really, she is going back behind me with the cleaner and streaking the windows. She does a great job of spraying the cleaner, a little too good. She doesn't do such a great job of wiping it.

Anyway, the new house has hardwood floors in the bedrooms. When we moved in, Danny brought us a professional buffer, some buffing pads and some floor cleaner and wax. Emma was in Heaven with all this good-smelling cleaning stuff. She takes after me. I am obsessed with smell. Every day now, or whenever she discovers the floor cleaner she wants to know if we can clean the carpets/floors. I will of course tell her no, that we don't need to. She is still little and quite flexible and she will immediately bend her body in half, ass in the air, nose to the floor and proclaim, "We NEED to clean them! The floors smell bad!" She is my little floor police. Don't worry ladies, I will warn you before we come to your house, so you can whip out your Febreeze.


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