Sunday, July 29, 2007

He is Wonderful!

I want to go to church. I want my children to be brought up in the church. I struggle with learning the Bible to do this day, which I attribute to not being there every Sunday of my life. I was NOT brought up in the church. I was always a believer and was talked to about God, Heaven, Hell, The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ...all of them.

I can't go every Sunday to my church because I have to work Sundays, not every Sunday, but a lot of them. Wade WILL NOT go to church without me, or at least that is what I thought. He is not social, as a matter of fact he has social anxiety disorder.

I have struggled with my children not being there very many Sundays for a while. I feel like a failure, like I am not bringing them up correctly or the way God intends for me to and would like me to.

The other day, at the Warehouse of Hope, I was talking to my journey group leader and asking her about ways my children could be more involved, not on Sundays. She pretty much didn't have any other options other than being a regular attender. I asked if anyone ever dropped thier children off at Sunday School and then came back and picked them up later. She looked at me as though I were crazy......My parents used to drop me off at Sunday school!

So, the only solution I could see, was to ask Wade to please, please, please, take them to church when I was at work.

Ya'll, with 0 resistance he replied, "Okay...if it is that important to you, I will take them, .......but only 3 out of 4 Sundays a month!"

Hey, I'll take it.

Thank you God!


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