Thursday, July 26, 2007


Dylan and I went and did something today that we had never done or even thought of doing before. We volunteered at Warehouse of Hope. Honestly, I had not known the place existed until last year. It is off a little side road and I guess it is not heavily advertised.

The place was packed! It was all kinds of noise and "excuse me's" walking down the hallway. Dylan and I were assigned to the clothes area. We went through two racks, marking down the old and highlighting the new.

Then we packaged beans...a type none of us could identify. We had fellowship while packaging beans...talking about the volunteer work we would be doing on Tuesday for a Home Makeover.

I didn't think Dylan enoyed it very much...he was complaining that his feet were hurting from working for so long....remember, most of us do eight hours per day on our feet.

We were talking on the way home and I asked him what he thought about it. I don't think that he is too sure what he thought about it. He said it was kind of fun, but he was tired from ALL the work he did. Please someone tell me that this is just how children react to these kinds of things that they can't understand. I plan to keep him in the good works and see how he feels in a couple of months.

Almost, home, he calls from the back, "Mom, I love you." Even he got nothing out of it...we at least got to spend quality time together.


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