Friday, July 20, 2007

Give a Little Bit...

I get E-mail daily from a website called They send E-mails regarding cool stuff that you can buy, attend, or places to eat in your area of choice. It amazes me some of the places they tell you about and the prices of some of the items they feature, but nevertheless, they are always unique.

Today I got an E-mail that featured a t-shirt, which looked very thin, but it promoted saving the earth. The slogan on the shirt was "The earth has a fever, be the cure." I thought, "How cute and catchy, I might actually want one of those." It is made from organic material, ships in organic boxes and $ 2. 00 of the proceeds goes to a foundation for children growing up on a safe earth. I will check it out. I got to the link it gives to check out the price on the t-shirt, maybe $20 at the most.

The price pops up and all I can do is laugh out loud! $82.00! What amazes me is that they only give $2.00 to the charity! Sad! No, you won't be seeing this shirt on my back :(


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