Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Georgia Snow

It snowed in Georgia. Twice. I tried to tell you about it. Blogger refused to cooperate. I got DSL. DSL kicks Bloggers ass. I give you...snow. In Georgia.

What is this falling from the sky?! Snow? What is snow?

Can we eat it? (Polluting my children...I know, bad mom, bad!) Notice that every one is wearing short sleeves and no coats. We do NOT believe the weatherman here until we actually see the white stuff. This time...he was right. That is the real reason every one runs to the store when they see it fall.

Every one say "BRRRRRR!!!!!"

A family picture. Wait...where are the children?

Poor babies...this is the best snowman they could get out of the half inch of snow we got.


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