Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Love Tub!

Beware of The Sims 2.

I got it for Christmas.

It is rated T for teens.

I have played it once.

Dylan loves it.

He has cheat codes.

He has several families.

He has a job. He is a vandal and gets paid $186 per day.

Today, Jackson came and told me that they bought a love tub. He noticed I looked perplexed. "It's a tub that is shaped like a heart." One of my eyebrows raises. "I asked my girlfriend to get in the love tub with me, but she is not my girlfriend, now she is just my best friend, but she got in and you know what? She was naked? Isn't that weird? She must be dumb. She must've been like, 'I'm dumb, let me take my clothes off and get in the love tub.'


"Mom, we already did."

Such good boys.

(Before you get all judgemental on me...number 1, I didn't know a "love tub" existed. Their dad helped them get the cheat codes...I was at work, so pick on him. Second, the nakedness, it is blurred out.:))


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