Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fairy Dust Restores Your Heart

Emma and I had a conversation yesterday in the only place where good conversations and deep contemplating of world troubles happen. In the bathroom.

Emma: Mom.

Me: (Contemplating)

Emma: Mom.

Me: (Looking up at her.)

Emma: Mom.

Me: WHAT!? (I am looking right at you! Do I really have to verbalize it?!)

Emma: Mom.

Me: What. Emma.

Emma: Mom. If we put fairy dust on the place where Bailey is then he will come out of the ground and have wings and we will bring him back here and give him a whole bunch of vitamins and he will come back to life. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?!

(With each new syllable she is getting more and more excited and ends with her hands out, like, tada.)

Me: That would be nice wouldn't it Emma. I wish it worked that way.

Emma: Mom. (She changes to a deep whisper, looking very deep into my eyes and telling me a secret, as though, if THEY hear, whomever THEY may be, we will wish they hadn't) Mom. If you go to the graveyard and you touch the rocks (I later learn this means the tombstones) zombies will come out of the ground and kill you. That's what happened to Bailey, he touched the rocks and the zombies killed him.

Me: (I wonder where she got this information from? Oh my goodness, I could have so much fun with her in a graveyard one day. I smile mischeviously. If people only knew my real thoughts. Back into mommy mode...BOYS!!!!)


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