Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ain't Skeered!

I am scared of the dark. My ears become HUGE! I get panicked. I just KNOW someone is watching me and is in that dark room with me. So, to make sure I am safe...I just make one of the kids go downstairs with me to do the laundry if it is after dark.

Me: Who wants to go with me downstairs?!! (I sing it, so it makes it more appealing!)

Emma: Me!

Jackson: I do!

Emma: Nooooo! I'm going!

Jackson: Nuh uh, I said it first!

Me: Hey! Hey! We can all go, come on, get your shoes on. (Strength in numbers right?)

Emma: I'm not going to wear any shoes because I'm not scared of bugs...they don't scare me!

Emma leads the way...Jackson takes the tail.

Emma whips around after her first step....: Mom, you go first!

Me: What?! I thought you weren't scared.....

Emma: (Impatient and in her don't embarass me voice) Mom! Just go....!

Ah! Shoot! Y'all call somebody if you don't hear from me again in the next 10 minutes!

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