Tuesday, September 30, 2008

U Can't Touch This

While Dylan and I cooked supper tonight, because, yes ladies, I am teaching my boys that they can help cook the meals if momma has to work an eight hour day just like daddy....yeah, send your daughters over, we can start interviewing for wife positions now....whoa! Where did that come from?....ahem...as I was saying, as Dylan and I cooked supper tonight, I instructed Emma to start practicing some cheers. We went through a couple, Jackson going right along with her, when we got to the one they call MC Hammer. MC Hammer goes something like this:

Turn around like MC Hammer
Touch the ground like Salt and Pepper(it's supposed to be Pepa, duh!!!, but they haven't figured that out yet)
Shake your booty like tooty fruity
Go, Raiders, go!

Dylan stops the cheer dead in it's tooty fruity glory by asking, "Who IS MC Hammer?"

Wade and Me: (In unison, looking shocked, of course!) WHO IS MC HAMMER?!!!! I mean, he was huge, like, just last year!

Me: Babe, pull MC Hammer up on the computer and teach this baby something....

I watched from the kitchen until I heard the familiar beats: oh,oh,oh,oh,oh....oh,oh,oh...Can't Touch This....

I ran over all excited, a little bump in my step, to Wade and the three children standing around the screen....I get ready for everyone to start breakin' it down!.....

Dylan: (Laughing with a pathetic twang in it) What's wrong with his pants!!!

Oh crap, here we go!!!! Have we really entered that stage already?!


I mean, c'mon, you remember the pants, right......they're cool, right....I mean...they're still pretty cool.....right?

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Rachael said...

Hee hee - my kids think he's "waaaay old, mom!!"