Monday, September 22, 2008


I start remembering school really well, at about fourth grade. I remember a little bit from the prior years, like some things from daycare. I remember the day that my mom forgot to pack my swimsuit, so I had to miss the field trip to the pool that day. I remember being paddled on the hand by a ruler because I wet my cot at nap time.

I remember my first grade teacher, Ms. Shelley, mainly because it reminded me of my best friends name, Michelle. She was in the class across the hall from me, in kindergarten and I thought that was cool.

I remember trying to guess my parapro's age and putting it on her Valentine's day card. I don't think she was impressed with my estimating skills.

I remember my second grade class. Like, a Japanese kid we had in class who taught us all origami. I remember being the only child in class that finished all of their times tables through 12. I was sent to the principal's office to tell him and I was sure that it was some hoax and I was really in trouble. I remember that one of my classmates' mother was my teacher and I thought how cool that would be to be able to spend the ENTIRE day with your mom. He probably thought differently. I remember in the same class that we got to do a mock election for President Regan and whoever it was that was running against him. I voted Regan, because I thought he looked like a sweet old man. We made reindeer decorations that year out of pine cones. It was my idea, so she let me bring all the stuff and lead the class that day.

I remember the fear I had of Ms. Cannon in a new school in the third grade. My mother assured me that I remember her because she was so strict.

Now fourth grade....that was the year that I had Ms. Guest and Ms. Kilpatrick. I was terrified of Ms. Kilpatrick because I thought she was going to Kil us. That was the year we got to write in pen. It was the year Bo Bice came into my life. It was the year we began writing in cursive. It was a hard year. We had to learn so much in that year, I never thought it would end.

Fast forward 10 years....okay...just fast forward a lot...I will tell you when to stop.......STOP!

I now have a son in the fourth grade. I bought him pens when I bought school supplies. A pack of blue, a pack of black and two red. Just like mine. He has two teachers. Just like I did. He has begun to write in cursive and has to edit his papers with that red pen, just. like. me.

There is one big difference between he and I. School is easy. It wasn't for me. It is for him. Or at least he makes it look that way. I got his progress report Monday. The kid got all A's....oh, except that pesky little A+ in math. Not only did the kid get all A's, he got all 100's, well, except for that pesky 100 and something in math.

"Hmmmm", he said, "That's strange, cause, I don't even really like math."

His teacher's comment: Dylan is an amazing student.Amazing....I'll second that.


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