Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I believe that we all receive gifts from God. My Memaw and my friend Melissa, for example, I believe have the gift of nurturing, the caregiver. Mine, I believe, is mercy. I listen. I am the ear. I feel compassion for your problems, your trials. I try to offer my advice. Sometimes, advice is not wanted. Sometimes, all you want is an ear. I've listened about husbands, I've listened about divorce, I've listened about broken trust, I've listened about new beginnings, I've listened to your lifestyle changes, I've listened to how your too busy, I've listened to how you don't want to take up my time, I've listened to your joy, I've listened to you rejoice and I've listened to your triumphs. I carry your trials, trying to think of ways to make it easier, better for you. When you talk, I care. I truly care.

Sometimes...mercy needs mercy. Mercy talks and you don't listen. Truly listen. Pay attention. Don't cut mercy off in the middle of a sentence, don't tell mercy you're too busy You have to read between the lines, look beyond what is actually being said, listen to the tone, listen to the voice, listen to the sighs, listen to the silence. Stop talking and listen. Find time for mercy. Lock yourself in a room, away from the daily noise. I need you, just as much as you need me. Sometimes, it's just an ear, sometimes I just need to hear that you are on my side. A lot of things are locked away, not mentioned, because no one cares to listen.

I've listened, now it's your turn.


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Rachael said...

I LOVE YOU! And am always here to listen when you need me. Because you have CERTAINLY listened to me!