Monday, September 29, 2008

Wake Up!

Emma...still sleeps in our bed. Yes, I know, she is four going on 24, but she is the baby and....I don't exactly have the money to fix up her room....yes, she has a room.... but we just use it as know, for lots of toys....and....her dresser....and yes she has a bed in there......oh, FINE! I just don't want her out of my bed, okay, I want her to stay right there, in the crook of my arm snuggled up nice and warm until she's 104. There. I said it.

Every night, Emma and the boys go to bed before me. Whenever I get ready to go to bed, I jump in and....I wake her up. Wade gets so upset with me, telling me, "Leave her alone! Let the girl sleep!" But this, this my friends, is why I just have to do it!

Me: (In a whisper) Emma, Emma, Emmmmmaaaaaaaa! Wake up.

Me: (Shaking her a little more violently....and a little louder) EMMA! EMMA! WAKE UP! I need you! I need you to snuggle with me!!!

ME: (Finally giving up) Emma.... (I kiss her on her cheek for my one final attempt)

Emma: (In a very sleepy and sometimes annoyed voice) What?!

Me: (All excited) Emma, scoot over here and snuggle with me.

Emma shimmies over and gets in the crook of my arm, laying her head on my chest.

Me: Emma....

Emma: What?

Me: I love you.

Emmma: (With eyes still closed, near sleep again.) I love you too.

Me: I love you more.

Emma: (Rolling back over to her old position) I love you the morest....

And then we sleep....


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