Monday, September 29, 2008

Sealed With.....Spit?!

Emma: Here mom, it's a message.

Me: (As I take the crumpled peice of copy paper from her hand) Oh, a message?...Well, it is it trash? (Why do they keep using ALL MY PAPER!!!)

Emma: Noooo, it's a have to OOOoooopen it! (Duh!)

Me: (You know, they have like...1 gazillion notebooks with their own paper....) Oh, okay, let's see, let me get this open. Oh, I see the message...let me see what it says.

Emma: (Big cheezy grin)

Me: (Oh, she even used my special floral nice....) Can you help me read it Emma? It's kind of dark in here.

Emma: (Reading her own wavy lines across my message) (Big breath) It says, "A message. To Emma's Mudder. From Emma Wiermann." (Another, big cheesy grin)

Me: Emma? Why is this paper wet? Ewwww, it's wet all over! Why is this paper wet all over?!

Emma: Because I licked it.

Me: What?! You licked the whole thing?! Why!?!

Emma: BECAUSE! IT'S A MESSAGE!!! I had to close it up!!


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Rachael said...

Hee hee... that girl keeps me laughin'.