Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

My grandmother made the mistake of telling me about two cats that had appeared on her front step last year. My mother warned was a bad idea. She didn't listen. So, we aquired two new members of our family. You may remember them, Milo and Angel.

Sometime in June, Milo disappeared. This is the cat that I could swear would end up going to college with Dylan. They were best buds. His brother Angel, ended up in the pen. We bailed him out, sad, honestly, that Milo wasn't with him. We went to and from the pound for two months hoping to find Milo, but alas, he has never returned. We miss Milo.

Angel, on the other hand, has proven that he is so grateful for being out of that place and has stepped right into his shoes?

One night, Jackson fell asleep watching t.v. ......with his brother.

Yes, Jackson really is asleep, the eyes open thing is something he inherited from my is really creepy.

And, yes, Angel is alive, just struggling to breathe a little.


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