Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who's the Boss

I have a heart for animals. What? You didn't know? Oh, when I get to Heaven, I can just picture it. I will be walking up that hill towards that light and there will be little shadows of gerbils, dogs, cats and birds of many generations running to meet me. They will tackle me and I will fall back and they will lick my face and wag their tails. Probably 100's of them before it is all said and done. There will be Tigger, Booboo, Bailey, Chester, Noname, Pixie and Dixie, Scooby, Tambo, oh, and Duke, Socks, Peeper, Snowball, I can't foget Charlie, Kujo, Milo, Freebee, Storm and Lightning, Hopper, Thunderdor, Mojo, my goodness there are a lot of them.

Well, I have found another....he calls out to me. A Cocker. I have always wanted a cocker. Ever since my aunt and uncle had two. I can't remember their names, though I believe one was named Shiloh. I can remember their smell though. I just loved those dogs. They were so soft.

I was discussing with Dylan about this dog because what I do better now than before, is not make a rash decision when it comes to the furry kind, I plan to discuss first and then we all make a decision together.

Me: Dylan LOOK at this DOG! Isn't he so cute!!! He says, "take me, I need you!"

Dylan: Ooohhh, he is cute. I like him. Why don't you get him.

Me: I'm afraid dad won't like him, Dylan. He doesn't really like Cocker's I don't think.

Dylan: Mom! Don't let dad be the boss of you!

You know, I always said that Dylan was the smart one of the family.


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