Monday, October 13, 2008


Last Monday, I thought I would do something nice for my husband and mow our grass. I was just going to do the back yard, but then decided, I would be SUPER nice and mow the front and the sides too.

I had not eaten yet. I was beginning to feel a little bit woozy after two hours, so I thought I might need to go in and refuel.

Now, when you mow grass, you have to be fashionable, for you never know who is going to see you. I had on my blue jean shorts, a longer flowing t-shirt and a wisp of hair down in front of my eye.....yeah, whatever, the shorts were from the day before, the t-shirt had stains on them and that stupid wisp of hair kept falling and would stay back.

As I headed inside, something popped my eye! A bee! Owwww! OmG! A bee just stung me in my eye!

I ran inside and mommy!

Me: Mom? A bee just stung me in my eye. Since it is in close proximity to my brain, do I need to worry?

She came over later to check on me. My eye was fun. I didn't pass out. My eye didn't even swell shut for a cool story at work the next day.

Poor thing was only defending himself. He flew right into that wisp of hair and thought he was a goner.

See if I do a good deed anymore!

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