Sunday, October 26, 2008

No One Mourns the Wicked!

That above was my face all night long, well, minus, the "holy crap it is freezing, hurry up and take the picture" look on my face. The smile. That is what I was talking about.

I had tried to get through the book, Wicked, but had a hard time and eventually, put it down after chapter 2. It is not an easy read. Some of it even a little...well...raunchy.

My buddy Devin had burned the soundtrack for me a year ago and I liked it. Especially, track number 7, Popular. The rest didn't make sense. She absolutely eats, breathes and sleeps Wicked. I didn't get it. Alfalfa is in Wicked?

I have wanted to see the play since last year, but alas, tickets were going for near $100. Devin kept telling me it was worth it, but I passed. I was green with envy. I vowed I would go this year.

Again, ticket sales came and went and I passed again....ugh! Pesky bills!

I kept kicking myself thinking I should have gotten the tickets any way. Sometimes you just have to do things or you will never do it, but, it was too late. Then, on Thursday, I got the call.

Devin: Why would I be calling you instead of texting you?

Me: I don't know, maybe because I AM GOING TO WICKED!!!!!!!!!

Devin: That's right....

Someone had been unable to attend with her group...and she chose me!


One problem. How to get to Atlanta. I had no one to ride with. I was going to have to make the trek alone. Thank God for the person who invented the GPS. That thing is amazingly wonderful.

The show didn't start until 8 and I didn't want to get there and have to walk in Atlanta by myself in the dark! Gasp! That would be just...wicked! So I arrived early, 6:42 p.m. It's okay, I brought a friend along just for this exact situation, Edward Cullen. Whatev. He has left and now I hate the book, so I put him down, "told him to act as though I never existed." Stupid vampires. So unpredictable.

It was time. I crossed the street to The Fabulous Fox Theatre and entered into the rushing crowd.

The singing began. No One Mourns the Wicked. Then Galinda appeared. That's Guh-linda. I thought about how beautiful Emma would have thought her dress was. Then the lone green character. The stage was amazing. The singing was beautiful. Dare I say I preferred Carmen Cusack's singing over Idina Menzel? Sorry Devin, but I do.

Along with the wonderful songs that now made sense to me, the show was funny. Katie Rose Clark was hilarious.... toss, toss. She even lost her shoe during the song Popular, but never missed a beat. She just worked it in.

Then the climax. Elfaba rose to great heights, literally, with Defying Gravity. It was amazing. Words escaped me. Devin cried...again. I was so grateful at that moment that I got to experience it and thought how the children would love it.

The trip to Atlanta alone was worth the three hour show, yes, three full hours. I won't miss this opportunity again.

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Makes you look at The Wizard of Oz in a completely different light.

I plan to revisit the books again and see if it will make more sense now. First, I am going to give Edward one more chance. Pesky vampire.


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Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled across this blog in a google alert. I went to the same showing of Wicked as you did. I thought Katie's improv line, "I'll just take it off...I have tons!" was hilarious! Between that and the "AH!" moment when I thought Glinda's wand was gonna bounce off the pit wall and hit somebody I had a grand old time! The singing was great and Katie was even better than the last Glinda I saw. I would definitely see it with this cast again!