Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Kitty

You all know the story of Angel and how he came about. You know about how his brother went away and he is now the kitty that will go to college with Dylan.

Well, today it was a blistery day in the 100-Acre Wood and so, we opened all the windows, turned off the A/C, saved some money and helped the environment. A productive day I would say.

Later in the evening while screaming at the boys to get their room cleaned up, traumatizing Jackson by declaring that he had to donate at least half of his stuffed animals, traum.a.tized. I tell you. Folks, I currently have 26 stuffed animals in a bag. Yes, that means that there were 52 stuffed animals on my boys' bed. I don't know where they have been sleeping.....

Anyways, interrupting my screaming was Wade, wanting to know if I let Angel outside today???? Well, yeah? Duh?!

Wade: Well, he's inside.....

Me: Okay??? and....???? (Please note, that I was already aggravated because, number one, he told Jackson that he could just take some of the stuffed animals to his mother's house) Yes, yes, that would solve the problem, let's just take them somewhere else and let that be someone elses problem. I am sure your mother would love that. (No. 2, he wasn't helping) and (no. 3, he was interrupting my yelling by talking about the stupid cat! I mean sweet Angel)

Wade: He brought you something....

Me: What?!!!

Wade: How did he get in?

Me: Well, I have the windows open in the sunroom. There are no screens. What does he have Wade?! WHAT DOES HE HAVE!!! IT BETTER BE DEAD! WADE!! DON'T LET HIM IN! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT! WADE DO SOMETHING!! WAIT, LET ME GET THE CAMERA!

Look mom, look what I brought for dinner!

Look, he's fun! There's enough for everybody.

The next sound we heard was windows being closed!


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