Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blueberry pie

Emma and I were watching none other than Paula Deen one night, she was coloring, I was lying down watching t.v. and she was in the crook of my arm.

We were talking here and there, she was not really paying much attention to me. Just picture it, her paying attention to her coloring, me paying attention to Paula.

Paula began to make some fried apple pies. Now, I am no chef, but I can follow a recipe.

Me: Emma, don't those look good?

Emma: (still coloring) Uh huh.

Me: Don't you think we could make those?

Emma: (Not looking up) Yeah.

Me: (Trying to get her to be a little enthusiastic) We could wear our new aprons.....

Emma: Mom, remember when you made that blueberry pie?

Me: (Thinking back and trying to remember) Oh yeah....

Emma: (Not worrying about my feelings) It tasted really bad.

Okay, maybe not....

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